Grad Party, Pie and Mixed Up Runs

This weekend I switched some of my runs up partially because I was busy and partially because I was sore and lazy on Friday. Technically I was supposed to do 3 miles Friday, 6 miles Saturday and then rest Sunday. Instead I took Friday off, did 3 Saturday and 6 Sunday.

Saturday morning started early and after getting some work done and running my 3 (boring) miles, my brother picked me up to take me home for his grad party.

Buck Graduation Party

The party involved a lot of eating (naturally), drinking and bag playing and towards the end of the night we had a nice little visit from the local ice cream man. You are probably not surprised that my family has him on speed dial so my uncle gave Nick a call and a few minutes later he pulled up on the lawn.

Graduation Party Ice Cream Truck

Sunday morning I woke up kind of wishing I did not put off my 6 miles. By the time I got out there it was HOT and the Pride Parade had already started. In an attempt to avoid the crowds, I went South on Lincoln and kind of just kept running without paying attention to where I was going. I kept the pace slower (around 10:15 to 10:30) because of the heat and since it wasn’t one of my typical routes, I didn’t know when I would hit a water fountain. After running for about 2.5 – 3 miles I found myself at the entrance of the Lincoln Park zoo and decided to just run through. By this time it was about 85 degrees and it took everything in me not to dive in with this guy:

Lincoln Park Zoo long run

After I did a little tour around the zoo I headed back home down Lincoln. Since it was so nice out (okay, not nice for a long run) I thought about going to the beach. I showered, changed into my swimsuit and then as I walked toward the lake I hit a metal gate and roughly one billion half naked, drunk, rainbow people and turned back around. As I walked back a friend of mine called to see if I wanted to come lay out later on her rooftop deck. . .duh. So I went to Starbucks and hung out for about an hour and read my book club book (so good) before heading over there. Just a little tip for my single friends. . . apparently reading is super cool because the only times I’ve been hit on recently have been 1. at the library and 2. at Starbucks reading.

Sunday relaxing book club

Later on, my roommate came home and we went to our favorite sushi place, Tanuki. I would have taken photos except we inhaled the rolls as soon as they hit the table. When we got back though, I tried my hand at making homemade pies. For anyone who has asked me what the occasion was, you may have noticed that I have defriended you and you should take note that there is no occasion necessary to eat pie.

banana pieBanana Cream

Apple pieApple

I followed my grandma’s recipe and made an apple pie and banana cream. Both were awesome, as we taste tested them immediately and the apple was exceptionally good straight out of the oven with vanilla ice cream. I do want to point out that at the bottom of the email where my grandma sent the recipe, she said this (what a weirdo):

Grandma pie email
We may or may not have spent the rest of Sunday night eating pie and then drinking beer with the neighbors as they finished packing to move out.

This week is pretty busy starting with a Bank of America Charity Marathon Reception after work at Millenium Park and Dodgeball intramurals tonight . . .stay tuned for updates!

P.S. I am only $70 away from passing my fundraising from last year!


New Running Buddy!

New Running Buddy!

It’s official! This guy is my new running buddy! My sister adopted Max which means I get a pup to hang out and run with and zero responsibility!


Team LUNGevity Bootcamp Fundraiser

Heads up: My arms are so sore that it’s taken me a few hours to actually complete this blog post. . . .

After my morning 5 mile run and a busy day at work, I have to admit that I wasn’t pumped for another workout at 6:30pm. I met up with Deni and Deanne before the boot camp and we complained a little bit as we posed for this photo before class:

Once we walked over to the park though and met up with Samantha, her mom and a few other girls doing the class, we perked up. Sam didn’t waste anytime and as soon as everyone got there she started us with a warm-up and then right into cardio. We lined up and all ran in place as the first person in line sprinted to the end of the park and back. We all continued to run in place and switch off sprinting until we went through the line twice. Halfway through she let us know she was timing us and that we’d have to beat our time at the end of the class!

We got through the cardio and moved right into circuits breaking into 3 groups. The first group did lunges with resistance bands (to bicep curl of course) that she demonstrated (below). The second group did an exercise that had us starting in a standing up position and then folding over, walking out to a push up and then walking back up to standing (ew). Then the third group did a bridge type of exercise where you rotated crunching up to touch the opposite hand and foot. We did each station for a minute and then repeated the sequence.


Next up: back to cardio! We got in a line again but this time we all did jumping jacks and rotated down the line doing a ‘burpee wave’ (that sounds way more fun than it was). The first minute of it was easy and then my calves were on fire! We went through the line twice which felt like roughly 2 years.

Then back to circuits! This time the first group did squats while also doing something crazy with our arm resistance bands that I’d like to never duplicate. The second group did push-ups with shoulder taps and the third group did side lunges. Let me tell you something. . . a minute of push ups feels A LOT longer than it sounds. There is no photographic evidence of this circuit which is for the best because I’d assume it would look pretty pathetic. We also did these cardio side things (below) at some point in the workout but my mind must have blocked them out because I don’t remember.


Then she made us do bear crawls and crab walks and as far as I’m concerned her only reason was to make us look like idiots (it worked):

10329013_10152560704452668_1123449250758486965_nAnd again:

And last up we went through the cardio line from the beginning of the class. The time to beat was 3 minutes and 27 seconds and we pounded it out in 3:12!


All in all it was a great workout class. Thank you to Samantha who took the time to come teach us and to everyone who came out, sweated and donated! We plan to have another class in September around my birthday (so I can easily guilt more people into coming) so start preparing mentally and physically now.

Pretty much immediately after I hobbled home I ate this (because why else would anyone workout twice in one day)?

ALSO, courtesy of my sister (Cosi), Tom and Beverly, we had these things at the office this morning. . . No, we don’t just eat here. . .we do work sometimes too!

I am happy to say that this weekend’s long run is only 6 miles and that I have today off from working out. Which is good because the only thing I want to do later is sit on the couch and watch movies, woot!


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

MOST of the time, I’m a morning person. . . this morning however was not one of those times. When my alarm went off at 5:30 for my 5 mile run it took everything in me to get out of the bed. I’m not sure when this started happening but now when I’m sore from a workout (yes, intramural basketball is a workout) the soreness lasts for days! Every muscle in my body hurts and it took a 10 minute self pep-talk (out loud of course) to get out of bed. If this happens at 26 I’m not sure I want to see what 36 is like. .  ugh. Anyways I did it. . .very reluctantly.

snooze buttons aren't part of the program
Usually by the time I stand up, get dressed and head out the door I feel almost completely awake and ready to run. Today though, I felt like this:

Thursday 5 Miles 1
To distract me from how tired I was I engaged in one of my favorite activities: people watching. Unfortunately at 6am the only people out to watch are other runners (who were passing me) which reminds me of this hilarious photo:

When I run with my roommate Meghan, I always break up longer runs for us in half and then tell her once we get halfway there, we just have to get home. For some reason it seems easier that way and she falls for it every time. It’s a little harder when you’re running alone to trick yourself. I kept going though and when I turned around at the 2.5 mile mark to head back I was actually feeling better and more awake (probably because I knew I was closer to coffee).

At the 4 mile mark I saw a guy doing something that I will never understand: running in place at a stoplight. Everyone knows that stoplights are for resting! Am I the only one that hopes that light turns red as I’m approaching? I gave that guy the stink eye and finished up the rest of my 5 miles. Slowly, but I did it!


Days like this
Some days, like today, I wonder why I signed up to do this marathon thing (again). But then I remember how awesome it is to cross the finish line AND raise money for a great cause. Right now though, I wish this was me:


P.S. I’m so sore that I would consider not even moving to eat today. I’m nervous for what Samantha has in store for us tonight.

Basketball, Movies and Early Morning Run

Cross training this week was basketball so it meant that there was actually some cardio going on.

Team MannysGo Team Manny’s!

My dad had some serious basketball skills back in the day (and street cred) and I played on our Catholic girls middle school team (not to brag or anything) but as an adult, I suck. I pretty much have the worst combination of qualities that you would want for this sport. I’m impatient, I’m slow, I am aggressive and competitive but also really, really clumsy. Growing up my dad was my coach (naturally) and I remember him telling me two things: never shoot (for good reason) and when in doubt kick it out. I was however, an amazing rebounder (not that I could shoot the ball after I grabbed it). I definitely could have used some of this:

Because I ended up with these:

Monday knees
In the end it was all okay because I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies. Food solves everything right? Speaking of food. . . last night I went to Movie’s in the Park to see Ghostbusters and ended up with this spread:

Tuesday movie in the park
Word to the wise: do not go grocery shopping when you’re hungry or you’ll end up with things like blueberry goat cheese, salami and Gummy Tummy penguins. . . Pretty much right after we sat down and started eating the rain came down. We held out for a little while (well really until we finished the wine) and then high tailed it out of there. So in other words, I still have not seen Ghostbusters. Of course it stopped raining right after we got back and it looked like this outside:

Tuesday post rain

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and ran 5 miles. In case you have never experienced running that early, it looks like this:

Wednesday 5 mile run
And if you’re still confused, you can refer to the beginning of pretty much any Law and Order SVU episode. Also, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing me, running, early, you can take a look at this mug (it’s not pretty):

Wednesday run 5 miles

Side note: This shirt is Steve’s and I’m only wearing it to show him that it is not an everyday shirt like he thinks and that it is meant for all of the things I used it for this morning. . . like aerobics when few people are around to see, sweating profusely and blowing my nose in (I hope you’re reading this 😉

Today is, I think, the 2nd or 3rd day of summer and apparently what that means in Chicago is a foggy, wet (but not raining) medium temperature that I do not think has been classified yet. You’re a little cold and you’re also drenched but nothing is coming down from the sky? It’s weird. . . I’d like to file a formal complaint with whoever handles the weather here but I’m guessing there’s a long line. I am happy though that I can wear a t-shirt and shorts instead of 12 pairs of socks like in the winter so I’ll stop complaining now. Here is a picture of the weather and it looks exactly how I described it right?

Wednesday Fog

So my 5 miles for today are done and for anyone who would like to experience what it’s like to be behind the person wearing that shirt, here you go, you’re welcome:

Wednesday Tshirt

Also, a shameless Team LUNGevity plug: If you are free on Thursday night (tomorrow) at 6:30pm, join us for a donation workout class!

Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Northeast corner of Michigan and Roosevelt
Cost: Suggested $10 donation Get ready to sweat in a full body workout that will hit every muscle while incorporating bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate up! Using your own body weight you’ll sculpt your way through an hour long boot camp style class and leave feeling wonderfully exhausted!
Learn more about LUNGevity and where your donation goes HERE

A Little Running and A Lot of Eating

This is going to be a quick blog post so here goes:

Last week Anna and I tried to use a mailbox and it was full. They don’t teach you this stuff in college, we had to rely solely on street smarts. . .


Flaco’s Tacos, near Chicago Red Line is awesome. . .

Flacos Tacos

I ran 9 miles but it was so uneventful, aside from about 3 minutes of rain, that I won’t even say anything about it. . .

9 mile long run

Except my Nike App played a nice little joke on me. . .


And then I ate a lot of things like this bruschetta from Frasca. . .


And these roasted brussel sprouts with cauliflower, bacon, onions and parm. . .

Frasca app
Oh and then pizza. . .

And also I made these. . .

Taco wrap 1
Taco wrap 2

And then these for intramurals. . .

And that about sums it up!

Fartleking. . . Yup, You Read that Right

Yesterday I got home from work and had to run a few errands before heading out on my run. . . and wait out the heat like a baby. So after going to the grocery store, picking up my contacts and dropping a dress off at the dry cleaner I got this alert from my Nike Plus app:

Tuesday Nike

Ummmm, no? I’m ready to do 3 miles though? I literally have no clue what Nike was talking about but it was enough to get my butt out the door. Since I suck at speed I decided I’m going to ease my way in by doing a Fartlek workout (and because the name is fun). Fartlek is Swedish for speed play and basically means you alternate between moderate and hard but in an unstructured way. So as I was running my 3 miles, I would randomly spot something a block or so ahead and sprint to that object and then jog at a moderate pace to recover. The first half of my run was fun and went quickly. During the second half I found myself picking out people walking towards me as the end mark for my sprint. . .clever right? Overall though I think having to choose random things to run to made the workout fun and go by MUCH more quickly than my treadmill workout last week. I ended up with an average pace of 8:12 which is good for me!

This morning’s run was pretty much the opposite. Meghan and I made a plan to do our 5 miles together before work so we set our alarms for 5:20am and when it went off this morning, neither of us looked happy about it. But we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed out the door anyways. Thankfully the rain held out and while we both felt tired and sore, we finished the 5 mile run. . .slowly. . .but we finished. One thing that I’ve learned through marathon training is that sometimes it’s okay to just be happy that you woke up, got out of bed and completed your run. A couple years ago I would have taken a slow run as a failure and just given up the whole thing. Now I can realize that deciding to get up and run the 5 miles is a success.

Running slow isn't a character flaw. . . quitting isThe good part of running in the morning is that it’s done! We got back to the apartment before 6:30am and had already accomplished something! Tonight though, after book club, it will be stretch and foam rolling time because I am SO sore. Also. . . this is how I feel today (okay, most days). . .

My blood type is coffee