14 Miles — Check!

Leading up to my long run on Saturday I was a little overwhelmed. 14 miles was something I had never tried before and would be the longest 14 miles done!mileage I had attempted. While I’ve run 13.1 before, I laughed to myself that I was getting up early on a Saturday morning to run 14 miles with no real reward. Sure, I had run several half marathons over the past few years but those were a big deal. I told my friends and family who came out to support me, I carbo loaded the night before and I was motivated by thousands of people cheering me on. This time though, I was running a mile further and no one was getting up to watch and there certainly wasn’t anyone handing me a medal at the end or free beer and pizza.

Thankfully I had an easy Friday night. My roommates and I headed over to Wrigley Field for a yoga night sponsored by Lululemon. We down yoga at Wrigleydogged with hundreds of other yogis in the outfield and then headed over to a local sushi restaurant before turning in for the night. I woke up Saturday morning rested and ready to go and then something crazy happened. . . I ran 14 miles and didn’t stop! It was amazing. I felt great, I listened to music and I was in the zone. I ran 7 miles out along the lake and then turned around and ran 7 back, like it was no big deal.

No, I didn’t get applauded (except by Samantha of course who texted me mid run to encourage me and my roommates who congratulated me as I laid on our floor after) and no one handed me a banana and a cold water as I finished. But I did realize that I felt the same accomplishment and this time, I motivated myself the entire way. Once I got back to my apartment and sat down, it was a little hard to get up again but after a few hours of moving I was fine!

I did happen to have lunch plans that day though with my intramural team at Manny’s (our sponsor) which was definitely a great way to tack those calories back on!

Manny's Lunch


A Weeks Worth of Workouts

As far as running goes, the past week or so has been pretty uneventful aside from the heat. Starting Saturday though I will be running in uncharted territories with 14 miles being my longest run ever! So here’s a recap of my training for the past week to tide you over until we get to the good stuff!

9 Miles and Taste of River North: Friday night I headed to the Taste of River North with my roommates. The food, sangria and music were amazing and reasonably priced! Unlike the taste of Chicago, which has become more for tourists, Taste of River North had a lot of local samples that I have yet to try. Naturally, we each got 2 things and split them among us. While we had a blast, a fun Friday night doesn’t always make for an easy Saturday morning run. I got up a little later Saturday and headed out for 9 miles closer to 8:30 instead of 6:30 as I had planned. The first couple miles weren’t great, but after that it was smooth sailing! I was hot out, but once I got to the lake, the breeze felt nice and the water stations were at every mile.

Cross Train: Sunday was a cross train day (which I always have trouble with). I decided that since it was nice out I’d do it in the form of a fast walk. . .ending at the beach. I headed out and briskly walked a 40 minute route to the beach. I laid out for a couple of hours with friends and read and then walked another 40 minutes or so back home.

Basketball: Monday was Week 6 on our Chicago Co-ed sports schedule. We rotate between basketball, volleyball, flag football, softball and dodgeball. Basketball is definitely my favorite though because it’s a great workout!

312 Fun Run: Samantha and I headed out Tuesday after work to do the 312 fun run at Park Grill. Again we chose the 5 mile route and while it wasn’t raining this time, it definitely was windy on the way back. The first 2.5 miles were a breeze (no pun intended) and we chatted about Samantha’s upcoming wedding, food (of course) and whether or not to join a pace team for the marathon. As we hit the half way point though, drank some water and turned around, the wind kicked in. The second half consisted of Samantha convincing me that the wind wouldn’t kill me!

4 Miles and Rooftop Yoga: This morning was a great 4 mile run along the lake and tonight is week 3 of rooftop yoga at Samantha’s!


Taste of River North Food Taste of Rover North DrinksTaste of River North ViewBeach DayMannys Team Manny's football cookies Team Manny's CookiesMorning run boats on July 24rooftop yoga week 2


The Difference a Year Makes

Last year I ran the Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 race in Darien, IL. The course is located in a forest preserve and includes a 125 foot climb over half a mile. I didn’t train for it and my results reflected that. My final time was 2 hours and 11 minutes making me last in my age group and my pace over a 13 minute mile. The stats weren’t the worst of it though. The entire hilly race felt miserable to me and for almost a week afterwards, I was sore.

Thankfully this year was different. Having done the race before, I was mentally prepared for the hills and marathon training got me Waterfall Glenready for the 10 miles. I started off a little fast for me but then evened out around the beginning of mile 2. While the hills were a challenge, knowing there was a down hill coming shortly helped a lot! I ran the entire race at a pretty consistent pace and finished after 1 hour and 39 minutes making my pace 9:55.








Waterfall glen 1 Waterfall glen 2

Get Inspired

Next week, Ron Kodish will begin his “Bike for Bear” ride across the northern tier of Pennsylvania. This 400 mile bike ride is in memory of Ron’s brother, Ray “Bear” Kodish who passed away in 2009 from lung cancer. Bike for Bear

To read more about Ron’s ride check out his Team LUNGevity personal page and blog post.

LUNGevity’s Mission

LUNGevity Foundation is firmly committed to making an immediate impact on increasing quality-of-life and survivorship of people with lung cancer by accelerating research into early detection and more effective treatments, as well as providing community, support and education for all those affected by the disease.
Take a look at the updated Research section of our website and check out this article about Hope Summit by survivor, Anne Gallagher, to learn more about LUNGevity.


To Eat or Not To Eat

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, the question of whether to eat or not normally isn’t a difficult one for me. Unfortunately while I am running, this is a completely different story. I have tried countless energy shots and goos and each one makes me feel sick within seconds of consuming them. So far, the longest race I’ve run has been a half marathon so I have been able to pass with a few bites of a whole wheat bagel and water. Running 26.2 miles with no food though, is not going to fly. So I have made it my mission to find the most fueling and least nauseating food throughout my remaining long runs.

First up: baby food. Yes, you read that correctly! Don’t let the Disney theme mislead you, these fruit purees have been a staple in my diet since Fruit Pouchcollege. They are not only healthy, they also don’t require a spoon. For runners — the top is a twist off so you can eat half and save the rest for later! I stuck with a peach, apple and banana flavor and waited until mile 9 to take a few ‘sips’ just in case my stomach wasn’t as thrilled about the fruit pouch as I was. I ate about half of this single serving (well. .  single serving for a baby) pouch and felt fine after! My only issue was with the temperature so I may freeze it beforehand next time to ensure that it is cold still by the time I eat it.

Next up: Clif Bar Shot Bloks — Stay tuned!

Nike Run 07.06.2013 Chicago run 07.06.2013










After a long run on Saturday, we did a relaxing yoga session on Samantha’s rooftop!

rooftop yoga