And We’re Back At It!!!!

Today I came into my office and opened my email to this:

First Team LUNGevity Email

No, it is not Christmas morning but it certainly feels like it — naturally it took me less than 30 seconds to reply to the email saying I want in!! Immediately after sending the email (and of course refilling my coffee mug) I remembered one of the signs I saw while running the marathon last year:

4 Months Ago







At least this time I know what I’m getting myself in to. . . AND I get to do it with my co-worker Deanne who has decided to join Team LUNGevity this year!! I hope Samantha is ready because from now until October 12th (which is roughly 260 days, 18 hours and 59 minutes. . but who’s counting?) it’s marathon talk non-stop!

Website coming soon!


The 12 Months of Fundraising

When I started this blog last year one of my main goals was to fundraise for Team LUNGevity and along the way, keep track of some tips that may help others do the same. While I raised over $1500 for LUNGevity, I have to admit that aside from emails and blogging, I didn’t follow most of my advice. So this year, I decided (as my family sang The 12 Days of Christmas over holiday break) that I would put my money where my mouth is and try out my tips.

So this year, in addition to reaching out to friends, family and blogging, I am going to pick 12 of my fundraising tips and ideas and put them to work. . . one for each month of the year. Hopefully the 12 months of fundraising goes better than our singing did!

I am open to fundraising ideas, tips, jokes, etc.!!

Team LUNGevity 19 mile run



Why I Run

A couple of weeks ago during a particularly tough hot yoga sculpt class, our instructor said something that really stuck with me. We had just finished a tabata sequence (yes, in 100 degrees) and we were about to kick back into another and as she demonstrated what was ahead she said “and now for the America’s Next Top Model move. . you know, because they don’t eat enough to be able to do it”.

When I first started running it was purely to lose weight and get as skinny as possible and I hated it. Yes, I ended up losing about 45 pounds but running simply to be skinny (and eating nothing in the process) was miserable and unsustainable. Then I signed up for the marathon and instead of focusing on skinny, I set my mind on being strong: mentally and physically. If someone tells you they trained for and ran a marathon and it didn’t affect their life in a big way . . . they’re lying. I found a training plan and stuck to it, not missing a single run in 18 weeks. Each week, I built up my mileage and the more I ran, the more I fell in love with it. Running became less of a chore and more of a retreat.

One of my favorite running quotes is “Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can’t cheat yourself. You get out exactly as much as you put in”. Running is so much more than putting on your shoes and taking a few laps. Every single time you step out the door to go on a run, you depend on only yourself to get through it. You set a goal and then you accomplish it, whether it be 2 miles one day or a marathon.

While the marathon is over (until next year), the mindset isn’t. I go out almost everyday to run, clear my head (it’s way cheaper than therapy!) and no matter how small it may be, I set a goal for myself. Sometimes it’s 10 miles and sometimes it’s to stay sane; either way, it’s making me a stronger person.