Okay Maybe One More. . .

It’s official: I am returning to Team LUNGevity for one last year. I plan to PR in marathon time and fundraising (should be easy right?) and then go back to running just for fun.

Each year that I have run for Team LUNGevity, I have been motivated by my amazing coordinators, volunteers, and co-workers who work hard to kick lung cancer’s butt. This year though is a little closer to my heart. One of my very first volunteer coordinators passed away recently and I plan to run the 2017 marathon in her honor. So here’s to one more year of sweat, early Friday nights and relentless fundraising! To donate: http://lungevity.donordrive.com/participant/heather

Also super cool stuff happening over here! As we head into Lung Cancer Awareness Month (oh hey November) we have events on events on events  (read: so much coffee and excitement)!



Four Years of Awesome

Event season is coming up and things are about to get real. In anticipation of my 4th year (holy cow right), below are some highlights.

I could have never in a million years imagined how crazy weird and awesome my life would be. In the last four years I’ve had the most amazing co-workers, participants and volunteers, I’ve run 4 marathons raising thousands of dollars and every morning (okay pretty much every morning. . .I’m human) I wake up super excited to go to work.

This totally is not the life I had planned for myself but I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turned out so far.

Shout out to this guy for always supporting me and having my back.


Cheers to the next 4 years (and so much coffee).


Public Service Announcement: Super Cool Stuff Happening Over Here

Our Breathe Deep team is getting fired up over here! With a few spring events under our belts already and event season right around the corner, things are starting to get busy (read: so much excitement and even more coffee). A little recap:

In April I traveled to Breathe Deep Pittsburgh where it was 19 degrees as we set up. A little cold can’t stop us though!


The week after, these goons joined me at Breathe Deep North Shore. The weather was amazing, the event went smoothly AND one of our survivors got engaged! And for those of you who don’t know, their event is SO CLOSE TO ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I’ll leave this here for anyone who would like to help us reach our goal!


This weekend I’m heading to the fine city of Newark, OH for the 5th annual Breathe Deep Newark and I am so stinkin excited! A little sneak peak of our volunteer kisses!



May is Lung Cancer Hope Month which is kind of a big deal (see photo below of our 10+ year survivors)! Talk about inspiring and hopeful! Learn more here!


Oh and Lung Cancer Hope Month = cookies! Big shout out to this stud for helping me ice and package roughly one billion cookies.


Okay so maybe we won’t be quitting our day jobs and opening a bakery anytime soon but they were totally made with love (and like 20 pounds of butter).


So what better way to kick off event season then Lung Cancer Hope Month right?! Here’s what you can do to help: check out the list of events, register, fundraise and spread the word (via internets, word of mouth or white ribbon iced cookies). Or if you are super ambitious (read: crazy) (or are marking things off of your bucket list) you can totally run the Chicago Marathon for Team LUNGevity. . just saying (but seriously you can, email me: boachicago@lungevity.org)

Also this:



P.S. While I’m just managing TEAM LUNGevity this year, Deanne is back again and will be our team mascot (don’t tell her I said that). So all of those folks who donated to me should definitely consider supporting her because she’s awesome and is totally going to beat Oprah’s time this year WHILE also simultaneously raising money for critical lung cancer research. Kind of a big deal.


P.P.S. Diana had her baby and she is so precious and adorable and since I’m not sure what the protocol is about putting people’s babies on the world wide web I will just include this photo of her with a cupcake from our events meeting. Don’t worry though, Olivia is totally cuter than this cupcake.


Blogs from the People that Matter

I started this blog almost two years ago (that’s a lot of photos of food). I like to think that my posts about fundraising and training are helpful but really I think reading this just makes people hungry (do I need to post the doughnut pic again?)

So instead of me posting about what I ate for breakfast, I’m going to refer you to the blogs of people who are doing way more than just running 26.2 miles and eating a lot. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jill Feldman

A Year in the Life of a Lung Cancer Survivor by Jeff Ehlers

Bauer Family 

Tracy Anderson 

The first blog I ever read through LUNGevity.

You can find more here and you should definitely check them out.


P.S. Thank you to everyone who helped me pass $1000! 


Mental Health Break

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. My roommate Laura peer pressured me into doing the Polar Plunge and like a bunch of goons we jumped into Lake Michigan to raise money for Special Olympics Chicago. No, we didn’t see Vince Vaughn or Gaga (everyone’s first question) but yes we did raise money and freeze our butts off. Big thanks to everyone who donated and for Deanne and John who came out and cheered!

11025117_4044612310779_7271801247685025024_n (1)

Then last Monday I got my wisdom teeth pulled which was NOT fun and ended with me crying to my dad on the phone with a swollen mouth full of cotton waiting for the pharmacist to fill my prescription. Thankfully he’s the greatest and he calmed me down and then the Vicodin was ready and it was smooth sailing from there.


Of course when I was leaving I ran into a guy I went to grade school with (not so cute then, SUPER cute now) and while he may have just missed me spitting blood into the snow, he definitely caught the drool and cotton balls spilling out of my mouth so either he’s crazy or I’m really great (jurys still out) because he asked me out. . like on a date (clearly for another night). Then I came home to the best roomie ever who got my favorite ice cream and we watched Bach Women Tell All so things turned around pretty quickly I’d say.

unnamed (1)

The rest of the week FLEW by as we got ready for our Grassroots Leadership Summit in DC. Friday we left for the airport and Anna and I were, as usual, wearing the name thing.

unnamed (8)

We spent Friday night mingling and learning a little more about LUNGevity and our support services and then bright and early Saturday morning this guy and I tried to run outside in the freezing cold weather. But we got to a patch of ice and then decided to turn around and hit the hotel gym where we met Anna for a little Team LUNGevity pow wow.


Saturday was filled with brainstorming and food and then we went bowling and it was awesome. Just to clarify, the experience was awesome, my bowling skills are not.


Every year GLS is such an amazing (and exhausting) experience. We get to see our volunteers in person instead of just hounding them by phone or email and really get to know them better. It’s incredible how much love and determination goes into the weekend and how motivated everyone is when they leave. And while I think at least once every single day about how lucky I am to work here, I think the weekend just reminded me a little more of how much I appreciate everyone on our team! I couldn’t ask for a better group of co-workers, friends and volunteers!


We left DC and ended up getting on an early flight home! Since I have the world’s worst traveling track record I’m going to take this as a good sign for the 2015 event season!

Monday I ran a zillion miles and then we watched the Bach finale and drank wine while we ate brownies and popcorn for dinner.

unnamed (2)

Tuesday the Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery opened and I officially joined Team LUNGevity for the 3rd year! Oh and I’m managing the team again so you should join too, it’s going to be an awesome year!


Meghan and I got home after work and decided we needed a mental health break (read: tired and delirious). So we ditched our phones and our scheduled run and headed out for wherever the wind took us. Not surpringly we wound up at Scooters after a 3 mile walk eating concretes and laughing about how people functioned before phones and google maps. Our no technology date reminded me of when I was younger I left my flip phone at home during a softball practice and afterwards I wanted to stay out with friends. My dad told me I had to be home by dinner and I commented (probably in a smart ass way) that I didn’t know what time it was. So my dad, obviously, made a (super embarrassing but also functioning) sundial and told me I better have my butt home before the shade hits the stick (he showed me). In the end though a couple hours of no boy, no work and no phone time is exactly what we needed (and wine).

Oh and signing up for a spring marathon kind of sucks when you live in Chicago so I wouldn’t recommend it. BUT last night was beautiful out so I ran my 15 mile long run home from work and caught this view.


Wrapping Up Event Season and Marathon #3

Last week was my last super crazy busy week at work and with only one event left for the year (yay Nashville) things have calmed down a lot. Here’s a little recap:

I took this photo last week on my way to work and since then the temp has dropped at least 30 degrees. .  woof!

FallMonday we went to Adobo to celebrate Marg Monday (that’s a real holiday that occurs weekly) and Beverly’s last day (boo). If you’ve never been there, the guac is amazing, the staff is hilarious and the margs taste like juice but feel like 100% tequila.

Marg Monday

Tuesday I stuck around for a Webinar on Immunotherapy Advances in Lung Cancer and then was going to go to hot yoga but instead ate dinner and went to bed (best decision ever).

Wednesday was the annual girls night Fleet Feet Fashion show full of my favorite things: wine, food, friends and yoga pants. Since Samantha already blogged about it and her recaps are much better, I’ll just refer you to that.

Fleet Feet Fashion ShowHere we are rubbing it in that we got tickets before it sold out (because we’re nice people). . .

Fashion Show

Saturday was a super long day starting at 5am (yay event season). Check out our registration volunteer. . awwww. . .

Busse WoodsAfter the race (and an hour or so of thawing out) we headed over to Fall Benefit (we clean up okay). . .Fall BenefitSunday morning I opted out of running the Hot Chocolate and instead cheered for Deanne who did the 15K. How come no one has told me that cheering is WAY more fun than running? Also, Deanne happens to be the most photogenic runner ever. . .NBD, it’s not like she just ran 9 miles or anything. . .

Deanne Running

Monday at work I got the most amazing letter in the mail from someone who follows my blog and ran for Team LUNGevity. Sometimes this job is stressful and super weird and crazy (and cold and rainy) but in the end it is all totally worth it and I am so, so grateful.

Last night I tried boxing and it looked a little scary when we got there. . .


And then even scarier when they wrapped my hands. . .

Wrapped hands

But I LOVED it! Who knew I had so much pent up aggression? Kidding, but it’s fun and a great workout and the guys are cute! There aren’t really any good pictures because we were laughing at how hard it was for me to hold the gloves up (those things are heavy!)

Boxing gloves

And then we headed to Molly’s to eat a cupcake (as all workouts should end). . .



Last week I saw this on Insta and couldn’t agree more (you can’t argue with facts). . .

Eating Cake

Which is a great segue into this announcement: Bay Shore Marathon 2015. . here I come! The fact that this is a Spring marathon (so that I can still do Chicago in the fall) definitely factored into my decision but the main reason I picked this one was because of all the beer and wine nearby after. It will be interesting training during part of the Chicago winter but I think I’m up for the challenge!

Tonight we are doing Bottles and Bottega again (because we were so great at it last time) so stay tuned for photos of our amazing works of art.

P.S. It’s still lung cancer awareness month, spread the word! 





Happy National Running Day from Team LUNGevity!

Happy National Running Day from Team LUNGevity!