Two Years at LUNGevity and Back From Hiatus

Last week marked 2 years for me with LUNGevity Foundation and while Anna and I joke that we have the weirdest job ever (example below: missed call from Potty Queen), I could not have asked for a better job or more amazing co-workers and volunteers to work with! Every day I get to come into work, do what I love with people I genuinely like, oh yeah, and fight lung cancer. So after a month and a half hiatus from blogging, now feels like a good time to come back.

A little recap of the last couple years:

2 years part 22 years part 1
July and August were crazy busy months for me, I said good bye to this guy:


I attended a shower, wedding and a bachelorette party in Denver for two of my best friends:


Kristin wedding


Celebrated 3 family birthdays and sent my FAVORITE brother off to college (I am SO proud of him) as a freshman at University of Illinois in Champaign and of course balled my eyes out when I had to say goodbye. Also, check out those guys hugging, cute right?

Buck and Dad

Me and buck

I’ve volunteered for a few Fleet Feet packet pick ups and races and if you’ve never been on the other side of a race cheering, it is an awesome feeling and I totally recommend it. Here I am with fellow #RunChi member (and best marathon motivator ever) Samantha Kellgren, rocking our safety vests.

Volunteering with Sam

Also, it’s officially event season at LUNGevity which means we are BUSY BUSY here. . in a good way! Check out all of the Fall Breathe Deep Events we have going on across the country! And of course, I’ve been running like crazy training for the marathon in October and the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend on Labor Day. Thankfully I have a roomie that is training too and we can have romantic 5am runs along the lake.

Run with Meghan

This past weekend I pounded out 18 miles in preparation for the Chicago Marathon and Meghan joined me for the first 10 so it wasn’t the worst ever. Don’t let the instagram filter fool you though, I am DRIPPING in sweat and we had to wring our clothes out before coming inside.

18 Miles

And this wouldn’t be a Heather post if it didn’t include food so here’s a picture of one of the breakfasts I had in Denver a couple weeks ago:


Oh, and a pancake flight. .  yep. .  same meal. .


September is coming right around the corner which means the beginning of fall events, a couple 20 mile runs and a lot of enjoying the last bits of summer with friends. And, I turn 27 which I thought would be kind of scary but really, it turns out my life is prettay prettay great so I feel good about it.

Stay tuned for a recap on the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend, and obviously the carbo loading that will be done the night before at this place, spoiler alert: it’s awesome.