Mornings Are For Running. . .

I’ve always been a morning person (with the assist of about 8 cups of coffee) so running before work is never really a struggle for me. Now that the weather is nicer and the sun rises earlier, it’s something I actually look forward to. Since I don’t have to hit a certain mileage each day, I have been finding new ways to make my runs fun. Last week I did a 4 mile run that consisted of a half mile loops of running up steps, sprinting over a bridge and then a recovery jog.

Bridge and stairs

Towards the end of last week I woke up at 5:30am and saw that the rain was coming our way. I jumped out of bed, threw my clothes on and rushed outside to get in a run. I took a different route going West on Wellington instead of East toward the lake and turned around at about 2 miles as I felt the drizzle coming down. To get back to my apartment before the rain, I sped up and ended up doing a nice little workout with negative splits (yay for sneaky speed work). I stepped into my front door right as the rain came pouring down; great success!

running in the rain May 13

Then Thursday night my roommates and I headed over to Frasca for $6 sangrias and bruschetta! We tried out the trio that consisted of fresh mozzarella tomato basil, roasted pepper goat cheese and then a strawberry and eggplant one that sounds awful but tasted delicious.


Saturday morning I got in a quick (and cold) run before heading home to see an inning of my brothers baseball game and head to my friends bridal shower in Oakbrook. I do not have photos of the scrumptious food, but I do have one of the fabulous company!

Kriston Shower

Our All Staff meetings start today and last through Thursday and with work dinner plans tonight, I wasn’t sure I’d get a run in. Since I’m doing a ‘fun run, no schedule‘ month, I decided last night that if I woke up in time to get a run in this morning I would go and if not, it’s fine. Well, 5:45am the sun was shining through my window so I popped up and headed out! I did 2 miles down Wellington towards the lake and then came back and tried to beat my time. On the way back I ran into my sister!

I am also excited to say that I just joined the Fleet Feet #runChi Cheer Team (yay) so you will be hearing a lot about that!


Fundraisers, Family, Friends and Fun Runs!

After work on Friday I headed over to Nisei Lounge on Sheffield for our Team LUNGevity Fundraiser. From 6-9pm all tips made by our fabulous charity bartenders, Deanne and Rejane, were donated back to LUNGevity! Co-workers, friends and family joined in and drank, played giant Jenga and most importantly tipped for this great cause! At the end of the night we totaled the tips and made $374 — not bad for a night of drinking and hanging out!


Saturday morning I went to hot yoga sculpt to get the most out of the last few days of my membership and then headed out for a quick run (yay for Fun Run May) before brunch with my friends! The run was a 4 mile to the lake front and back and the weather was fantastic (read: shorts and a tank)! Afterwards I showered quickly and headed over to Mercadito for brunch with Jenny and Leanne (who I haven’t seen since she moved to LA in January)! We sat outside, drank mimosas and caught up! When we finished up with brunch I went over to Kristin’s, who recently bought a condo, to get a tour, chat and help unpack. And to make her fabulous life change even better. . .she’s only a mile away from me now so I had a nice walk home after in the sun!

May 10 brunch

Sunday I had plans to go home and spend the day with my family so I went out for a quick run in the morning. I ran over Roosevelt Bridge, down the lakefront path, circled around and then headed back south on Michigan (stopping to do some stairs on my way)! Then we went home to celebrate Mother’s Day and BBQ with the world’s greatest grandma! From the photo below you can tell she clearly loves me more than my sister. .

combo from May 11 run Pic with grandma and charley mothers day

Overall it was a great weekend! I got to see friends, family and get in a few fun runs in the nice weather!

P.S. EatBreatheRun now has a Facebook page! Like HERE!

Fun Runs and Froyo

With just about 5 weeks left until marathon training begins again, I have officially declared May my fun run month! I’m making no plans (the people that know me are probably saying yeah right to that) and just running when I feel like it for however long I want to! Thankfully the weather took a turn for the better this week and last night after work I went for 5 miles with only a tiny bit of drizzle and . .  wait for it . . . shorts!Froyo

My roommate and I have made it our mission to find the best froyo spot in Chicago (because if we don’t do it who else will?) so we headed over to Jeni’s on Southport after my run to do some taste testing. After a few spoon tests I settled on the trio sampler and got Brambleberry Crisp, Goat Cheese with Red Cherries and Wildberry Lavender. Just as she had scooped my final flavor I made a rookie mistake and tested the Key Lie Pie and of course it was AMAZING!
Verdict: There aren’t many froyo flavor options (most of them are ice cream) but Key Lime Pie is to die for and the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries was the bomb!

This morning I made no plans to get up and run but I did keep my blinds open last night. So when the sun came shining through at 5:45am, I knew I’d be mad at myself if I passed a morning run up. I pulled on shorts, a tank and a long sleeve and headed out. As soon as I hit the front door I realized that it was almost 70 degrees and I left my long sleeve on the porch! I did an easy 3 miles to the lake front, caught the end of the sun rise and headed back to get ready for work! So far May’s fun run month is looking good!