Wrapping Up Event Season and Marathon #3

Last week was my last super crazy busy week at work and with only one event left for the year (yay Nashville) things have calmed down a lot. Here’s a little recap:

I took this photo last week on my way to work and since then the temp has dropped at least 30 degrees. .  woof!

FallMonday we went to Adobo to celebrate Marg Monday (that’s a real holiday that occurs weekly) and Beverly’s last day (boo). If you’ve never been there, the guac is amazing, the staff is hilarious and the margs taste like juice but feel like 100% tequila.

Marg Monday

Tuesday I stuck around for a Webinar on Immunotherapy Advances in Lung Cancer and then was going to go to hot yoga but instead ate dinner and went to bed (best decision ever).

Wednesday was the annual girls night Fleet Feet Fashion show full of my favorite things: wine, food, friends and yoga pants. Since Samantha already blogged about it and her recaps are much better, I’ll just refer you to that.

Fleet Feet Fashion ShowHere we are rubbing it in that we got tickets before it sold out (because we’re nice people). . .

Fashion Show

Saturday was a super long day starting at 5am (yay event season). Check out our registration volunteer. . awwww. . .

Busse WoodsAfter the race (and an hour or so of thawing out) we headed over to Fall Benefit (we clean up okay). . .Fall BenefitSunday morning I opted out of running the Hot Chocolate and instead cheered for Deanne who did the 15K. How come no one has told me that cheering is WAY more fun than running? Also, Deanne happens to be the most photogenic runner ever. . .NBD, it’s not like she just ran 9 miles or anything. . .

Deanne Running

Monday at work I got the most amazing letter in the mail from someone who follows my blog and ran for Team LUNGevity. Sometimes this job is stressful and super weird and crazy (and cold and rainy) but in the end it is all totally worth it and I am so, so grateful.

Last night I tried boxing and it looked a little scary when we got there. . .


And then even scarier when they wrapped my hands. . .

Wrapped hands

But I LOVED it! Who knew I had so much pent up aggression? Kidding, but it’s fun and a great workout and the guys are cute! There aren’t really any good pictures because we were laughing at how hard it was for me to hold the gloves up (those things are heavy!)

Boxing gloves

And then we headed to Molly’s to eat a cupcake (as all workouts should end). . .



Last week I saw this on Insta and couldn’t agree more (you can’t argue with facts). . .

Eating Cake

Which is a great segue into this announcement: Bay Shore Marathon 2015. . here I come! The fact that this is a Spring marathon (so that I can still do Chicago in the fall) definitely factored into my decision but the main reason I picked this one was because of all the beer and wine nearby after. It will be interesting training during part of the Chicago winter but I think I’m up for the challenge!

Tonight we are doing Bottles and Bottega again (because we were so great at it last time) so stay tuned for photos of our amazing works of art.

P.S. It’s still lung cancer awareness month, spread the word! 






Work, Life and Lung Cancer Awareness Month

I read an article this morning on the interwebs called “10 Unexpected Truths About Running a Marathon” and all 10 are totally spot on including number 4: You’ll Hate Running”. For a couple days after you finish a marathon you miss running and having a schedule so you work towards getting back to it. But somewhere between a week to 2 weeks after that feeling dies down and you’re over it completely. Aside from a chick’s night run last week (which is a workout but really more of a girls night hang out), a lunch break run for my sanity’s sake (pic below) and a Shred class I haven’t really felt like running.

Lunch Sanity Run

Unfortunately (I blame science) I still have to workout if I want to continue eating at the rate that I do (and keep up some level of sanity). So starting tomorrow it’s back to yoga sculpt at Core Power AND I am going to attempt kick boxing (feel free to laugh, it’ll be a sight for sure). Stay tuned for some scary stories. . .

The past week was kind of a blur but I did get sushi at my favorite place with this girl (sorry Leanne, we miss you) and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember anymore.

Sushi Din

Friday my flight to our Kansas City event got cancelled . . three times. Thankfully I made it out first thing Saturday morning in enough time to sport this amazing orange t-shirt and hang out with my fabulous committee (and this little one).


Orange is starting to grow on me which is a good thing since all of our volunteer shirts are that color.


Sunday morning bright and early we headed over to Liberty Memorial for a great event day (check out this view).



It was a little windy (you can barely tell right?) And for some reason, someone thought it would be a good idea to give me a bullhorn (obviously he quickly realized it wasn’t necessary).




Despite the wind and cold we had a fantastic day and I’m so happy that I was able to be there to see everyone and be a part of the event!

Sunday I flew back and went to see the crazy guy tight rope across two buildings in Chicago without a net and blindfolded.

Tight Rope

I’m sort of glad I went to see it but I probably should have thought my plan through a little better because I ended up pushing through crowds with my suitcase to find my fwends and by the time I got there I was a little crabby and kind of got into a little bit of a scuffle with a girl standing behind us (yes, I got into an argument with someone) and I felt really really bad afterwards. Because she was totally wrong (seriously, she was, I’m not just saying that) BUT it isn’t her fault that I was tired and hungry and had a suitcase with me like a dingus and super crabby. But in my attempt to explain manners to her I realized that I wasn’t using mine and I was raised better than that and I’m really sorry. Anyways, it was a little chilly so I stole this hat (it looks better on me anyways) and all was right in the world (oh yeah, and I had pizza so that helped). You can see above my eye where someone’s suitcase hit my head on the plane when they were getting it down ugh.

Watching Tight Rope

This week is super crazy both at work and in real life (I think there’s a difference between those two?) but with a ton of great things. We’re doing margarita Monday tonight since it’s Beverly’s last week (although you don’t really need a reason for that), Wednesday is the Fleet Feet Fashion Show (yay) that a few of us make into a girls night every year because we’re really, really cool. Then a comedy show Friday! We have a ton of events going on this weekend including Breathe Deep Busse Woods that I’m going to Saturday morning and then Fall Benefit that I’ll be at Saturday night! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to participate or not (because running and I could use a little break) but I’m definitely going to the Hot Chocolate on Sunday with friends. Thankfully, I’m an awesome cheerleader so if I don’t run, everyone’s in for a treat.

And, it’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month so spread the word whether it’s through social media, word of mouth or through cake pops like Beverly’s.

Cake Pops

Because if you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.