The 12 Months of Fundraising

When I started this blog last year one of my main goals was to fundraise for Team LUNGevity and along the way, keep track of some tips that may help others do the same. While I raised over $1500 for LUNGevity, I have to admit that aside from emails and blogging, I didn’t follow most of my advice. So this year, I decided (as my family sang The 12 Days of Christmas over holiday break) that I would put my money where my mouth is and try out my tips.

So this year, in addition to reaching out to friends, family and blogging, I am going to pick 12 of my fundraising tips and ideas and put them to work. . . one for each month of the year. Hopefully the 12 months of fundraising goes better than our singing did!

I am open to fundraising ideas, tips, jokes, etc.!!

Team LUNGevity 19 mile run




One thought on “The 12 Months of Fundraising

  1. Hi Heather! My first time here 🙂 Thanks for the follow and a big shout for your 5h finish last October 🙂 Are you planning to run the 2014 edition too? Registration is around that time of the year, nah? I ran Chicago in 2008 and I loved it 🙂 take great care!

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