Two things I’m Excited About and One Thing I’m Eh About

I’ll start with the eh… weight training for Grandma’s Marathon has officially started and it blows. Running I love. I could run and run and be happy but as I’m learning, you don’t get faster just by running. SO I’ve committed to this weight training plan to help me reach my marathon goals but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. One thing I am grateful for is that I have a gym in my apartment building AND at my work so it at least getting to the workout doesn’t completely suck.

Now for the exciting things:

1. I’m going to be an aunt! We won’t know if it’s a boy, girl or wizard for a few more weeks but I’m excited to be able to play with a baby that I don’t have to take care of full time!

2. My Uncle Tom has signed up to run and fundraise for American Cancer Society for the Chicago Marathon! Throw back to our first marathon together 6 years ago

He will be a third time marathon runner but first time fundraiser (yay). To donate to his page you can click HERE

Stay tuned for updates on fundraising and not so fun weight training.


2 thoughts on “Two things I’m Excited About and One Thing I’m Eh About

  1. Ah I know how you feel about weight training! But when I took about a year off running (due to injury) I spent so much time weight training. Then, when I finally got back to running I found my speeds were actually up, instead of down!

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