New Office, Same Cool People

So Friday we moved and it was much easier this time around (check out these goons pretending like they’re doing stuff).

Moving 1







We got into work, packed up our stuff and we were done by 10:30 am which is a clear sign that brunch was in order. A few of us headed over to Sunny Side Up and I had a hard time deciding between the berry french toast and the french toast with walnuts, bananas and chocolate sauce (rough life right?) so naturally I asked the waitress to throw it all together. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Friday Brunch







Brunch turned into Friday Funday which lasted way past my bedtime.

Friday Funday









Around 2 am Deanne and Laura conned me into going to Taco Bell in Wrigleyville which is filled with all types of animals and I almost ate this (but came to my senses and didn’t, phew).

Taco Bell









Saturday was beautiful out for my long run.

long run







Which I did in shorts and a tank!










AND the water fountains are officially all turned on which makes me really happy and less dehydrated.

Water Fountains









Sunday Deanne and I went to Yoga at the new Lole store on Southport. We are pictured below in my favorite pose: savasana.

yoga at lole






And then I attempted to make oatmeal balls with oats, blueberries, coconut and honey and they tasted good but kind of fell apart.

Oat balls







After we went out to watch golf. . kidding we didn’t watch golf but it was on at the bar.

Sunday Funday 1


















Monday Laura went to her first Cubs game and it was a beautiful night (thanks dad).

Cubs game







They won in extra innings (and if we’re being completely honest, in the first draft of this I wrote ‘overtime’).

Cubs game girls









Tuesday morning Meghan and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a romantic sunrise run (otherwise known as marathon training).

Tuesday run









Then we hung out and ate lunch together in my office like people in love do.

Lunch with Meghan







I have a feeling Laura is going to be one of the top cheerers at the Bayshore Marathon. She’s already started looking for signs to make. I suggested this one as it seems most accurate.

marathon sign







It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week and you can check out my LUNGevity blog post about it later this week.

National Volunteer Week









Speaking of volunteering, Deanne and I will be at the Ravenswood Run on April 26th helping out so join us!








Bayshore Marathon countdown. . . 38 days!

Easter Fun and Some Other Stuff

So last weekend I babysat. . . a baby. . . and we both made it out alive (phew). I took some adorable snaps of her but I’m not sure what the rules are about posting children’s photos on the interwebs so I’m going to not do that. Plus she’s way cuter than I am and I don’t want her stealing my show. Saturday I woke up sore because lifting babies is hard work when you have no muscles and I ran 20 boring miles around my hood.

20 Mile Run

Then Deanne and I schlepped around looking for Easter cupcake decor and we found out this is happening (as if Lakeview could get better).










Once we stopped salivating we started our cupcake prep.

Cupcake prep













3 cans of frosting, 2 bags of chocolate eggs, 25 peeps and several hours later this happened and it was delicious.

cupcakes on cupcakes on cupcakes

Saturday night we met people out and drank beer as I watched my bracket crumble.


Sunday was church day and I got to hang out with these goons.














And my 16 year old sister is definitely not taller than me. . it’s an illusion.

Charley and I













We had an Easter egg hunt. . . wine included. Every year my grandpa hides my eggs and makes them as hard as possible to find. Next year he’s in for a treat because I’m going to be in charge of his eggs and I’m taking this game to the next level.

Easter Egg Hunt













And then we raided grandma’s closet for a fashion show.

Gram Fashion Show

Monday I hit $1000 for my fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me!

Tuesday I started my day off with a misty 5 mile run before work. I won’t complain though because it was above 40 degrees.

5 Miles Tuesday










And ended it with a girls night and some T Swift karaoke (sorry to everyone at the bar that had to hear me sing).










Last week I started physical therapy for my knee and the good news is that with some weights, stretching and foam rolling I should be good to go. The bad news is that I’ve stopped drinking coffee and am supposed to be adding an extra rest day to my running schedule so I might lose my mind.









BUT I am happy to say now that it’s April, I am officially breaking up with the treadmill. . .until at least December.








The other day I realized that I only have a month between the Bayshore Marathon and Chicago Marathon training so I decided to do some fun runs like this one at the zoo!

Also I’d like to make this happen in the near future. And since you walk from restaurant to restaurant it’s basically a workout.




Blogs from the People that Matter

I started this blog almost two years ago (that’s a lot of photos of food). I like to think that my posts about fundraising and training are helpful but really I think reading this just makes people hungry (do I need to post the doughnut pic again?)

So instead of me posting about what I ate for breakfast, I’m going to refer you to the blogs of people who are doing way more than just running 26.2 miles and eating a lot. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jill Feldman

A Year in the Life of a Lung Cancer Survivor by Jeff Ehlers

Bauer Family 

Tracy Anderson 

The first blog I ever read through LUNGevity.

You can find more here and you should definitely check them out.


P.S. Thank you to everyone who helped me pass $1000! 


I’m Running Out of Blog Post Titles

I’m definitely forgetting a lot of things but here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks. I headed down to Baton Rouge for one of our events and I got to hang out with these cuties.










While I was there Haley taught me to Cajun dance and naturally we ate craw fish.

Crawfish 1








And it was awesome.

Crawfish 2









Instead of running 17 miles in the nice, sunny Baton Rouge weather I thought it would be a good idea to do it when I got home to Chicago in the wind and rain (it wasn’t).

17 miles









But then I thawed at Homeslice with these goons.








During the week I made a friend at the gym and she taught me how to do weights! There are not, and should never be, photos of this happening.
Shout out to this little nugget who broke the 18 year standing school triple jump record!









And then after a little bit (okay a lot) of whining, I convinced my friends to paint Easter eggs with me.

egg dying














And 72 eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, a ruined shirt and several drinks later everyone admitted that they had a great time.


Friday it was snowing or raining or something and John brought these in to cheer us up.


It worked and we decided to keep letting him work here.

Sunday we ran the Shamrock Shuffle and it was windy and freezing.

Shamrock pic

And I did not come in first but the company was good and there was beer after so I’m okay with it.















And while everyone else I ran with is photogenic, I look awful during and after running so do yourself a favor and don’t look at my post race photos on the Shamrock site.

The week started out in Bethesda with our All Staff meeting and some of us snuck out for a morning run.

Besthesda run

Looking like the the 3 best friends anyone could ever have (or just weirdos matching).


Tuesday morning Deanne and I realized that we matched. . .again. . .


Then at night we walked around and did touristy things.


And while I’ve been to DC several times before, I’ve never gone at night so it was pretty cool (minus the part where we got caught in the rain).

Touristy stuff














Then we got back to Bethesda and realized we’re not in Kansas anymore and everything closes at 10pm. So we ordered pizza to the room and like always, John saved the day with wine.













While I was there I conned Lauren into joining Team LUNGevity because misery loves company, which means that roughly 15% of our staff is crazy now.

Team LUNGevity










On the flight home Deanne, John and I watched food shows (obv) and I fell asleep while they stuck stuff in my nose.

One of my friends is coming to town this weekend last minute, yay and I have 20 miles to cover, not yay. Then it’s Easter time which in our family means a lot of eating.

Only 7 more weeks until marathon time so naturally I’ve started looking into post race meals in Traverse City! Stay tuned.

Also, this one is going home for 10 days and I’m going to miss this face.



Team LUNGevity and Other Cool Stuff

A run down (pun intended) of the last couple weeks:

I don’t normally love concerts but we went to a 312 event and the beer was great and Mayer Hawthorne was awesome. Also there were food trucks which in my book makes any night better. Please excuse my wisdom less, chipmunk face.


Friday one of our Team LUNGevity members Dawn made my day and sent me the nicest note.

Note from Dawn

And this super cool medal!

Dawn Legg

Over the weekend the weather got a lot nicer and we sat outside for brunch.


And we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a ton of green sustenance and calcium.


And since Laura is new to Chicago we did some touristy things.


And posed like tourists too.


Here is how cool you look when you wear sunglasses indoors.


And then later in the night, against my better judgment, Laura convinced me to wear a glow stick.

Glow sticks

This week started off with a heat wave (well a Chicago heat wave) so instead of running I drank beer outside and it was a pretty great way to spend the evening. And then Tuesday night we made dinner (read: popcorn, m&m’s and beer) and filled out our brackets. If I win, it was all me. If not, I may have had help.


Wednesday my work emails decided to disappear which was fun but not really. Thankfully they came back and my folders no longer look like this.


Yay, it’s official!


And since I spend most of my days encouraging (they might have another word for it) my coordinators to personalize their fundraising pages and use our guides I finally updated my Team LUNGevity page and with our new website, even I could figure it out. Not that I’m competitive or anything but I decided to up my fundraising goal from last year.


And I think I’m off to a pretty good start. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated!


Deanne and I are starting to brainstorm for some of our fundraisers and if you know us, you know that our team would do just about anything to end lung cancer. We look like big dorks basically all of the time.



I am super excited to head to Baton Rouge this weekend for our brand new event and to see my amazing coordinators including this face.


And I decided to run the Shamrock Shuffle again this year which means that my post 17 mile ‘rest day’ will now be a 5 mile run ending over the Roosevelt overpass, woof. But at least it ends with beer and good company.

Mental Health Break

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. My roommate Laura peer pressured me into doing the Polar Plunge and like a bunch of goons we jumped into Lake Michigan to raise money for Special Olympics Chicago. No, we didn’t see Vince Vaughn or Gaga (everyone’s first question) but yes we did raise money and freeze our butts off. Big thanks to everyone who donated and for Deanne and John who came out and cheered!

11025117_4044612310779_7271801247685025024_n (1)

Then last Monday I got my wisdom teeth pulled which was NOT fun and ended with me crying to my dad on the phone with a swollen mouth full of cotton waiting for the pharmacist to fill my prescription. Thankfully he’s the greatest and he calmed me down and then the Vicodin was ready and it was smooth sailing from there.


Of course when I was leaving I ran into a guy I went to grade school with (not so cute then, SUPER cute now) and while he may have just missed me spitting blood into the snow, he definitely caught the drool and cotton balls spilling out of my mouth so either he’s crazy or I’m really great (jurys still out) because he asked me out. . like on a date (clearly for another night). Then I came home to the best roomie ever who got my favorite ice cream and we watched Bach Women Tell All so things turned around pretty quickly I’d say.

unnamed (1)

The rest of the week FLEW by as we got ready for our Grassroots Leadership Summit in DC. Friday we left for the airport and Anna and I were, as usual, wearing the name thing.

unnamed (8)

We spent Friday night mingling and learning a little more about LUNGevity and our support services and then bright and early Saturday morning this guy and I tried to run outside in the freezing cold weather. But we got to a patch of ice and then decided to turn around and hit the hotel gym where we met Anna for a little Team LUNGevity pow wow.


Saturday was filled with brainstorming and food and then we went bowling and it was awesome. Just to clarify, the experience was awesome, my bowling skills are not.


Every year GLS is such an amazing (and exhausting) experience. We get to see our volunteers in person instead of just hounding them by phone or email and really get to know them better. It’s incredible how much love and determination goes into the weekend and how motivated everyone is when they leave. And while I think at least once every single day about how lucky I am to work here, I think the weekend just reminded me a little more of how much I appreciate everyone on our team! I couldn’t ask for a better group of co-workers, friends and volunteers!


We left DC and ended up getting on an early flight home! Since I have the world’s worst traveling track record I’m going to take this as a good sign for the 2015 event season!

Monday I ran a zillion miles and then we watched the Bach finale and drank wine while we ate brownies and popcorn for dinner.

unnamed (2)

Tuesday the Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery opened and I officially joined Team LUNGevity for the 3rd year! Oh and I’m managing the team again so you should join too, it’s going to be an awesome year!


Meghan and I got home after work and decided we needed a mental health break (read: tired and delirious). So we ditched our phones and our scheduled run and headed out for wherever the wind took us. Not surpringly we wound up at Scooters after a 3 mile walk eating concretes and laughing about how people functioned before phones and google maps. Our no technology date reminded me of when I was younger I left my flip phone at home during a softball practice and afterwards I wanted to stay out with friends. My dad told me I had to be home by dinner and I commented (probably in a smart ass way) that I didn’t know what time it was. So my dad, obviously, made a (super embarrassing but also functioning) sundial and told me I better have my butt home before the shade hits the stick (he showed me). In the end though a couple hours of no boy, no work and no phone time is exactly what we needed (and wine).

Oh and signing up for a spring marathon kind of sucks when you live in Chicago so I wouldn’t recommend it. BUT last night was beautiful out so I ran my 15 mile long run home from work and caught this view.


Spring Marathon Training. . .

. . .looks like this in Chicago

unnamed (2)














And this is how we feel about it. . .

Meghan and I