Fartleking. . . Yup, You Read that Right

Yesterday I got home from work and had to run a few errands before heading out on my run. . . and wait out the heat like a baby. So after going to the grocery store, picking up my contacts and dropping a dress off at the dry cleaner I got this alert from my Nike Plus app:

Tuesday Nike

Ummmm, no? I’m ready to do 3 miles though? I literally have no clue what Nike was talking about but it was enough to get my butt out the door. Since I suck at speed I decided I’m going to ease my way in by doing a Fartlek workout (and because the name is fun). Fartlek is Swedish for speed play and basically means you alternate between moderate and hard but in an unstructured way. So as I was running my 3 miles, I would randomly spot something a block or so ahead and sprint to that object and then jog at a moderate pace to recover. The first half of my run was fun and went quickly. During the second half I found myself picking out people walking towards me as the end mark for my sprint. . .clever right? Overall though I think having to choose random things to run to made the workout fun and go by MUCH more quickly than my treadmill workout last week. I ended up with an average pace of 8:12 which is good for me!

This morning’s run was pretty much the opposite. Meghan and I made a plan to do our 5 miles together before work so we set our alarms for 5:20am and when it went off this morning, neither of us looked happy about it. But we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed out the door anyways. Thankfully the rain held out and while we both felt tired and sore, we finished the 5 mile run. . .slowly. . .but we finished. One thing that I’ve learned through marathon training is that sometimes it’s okay to just be happy that you woke up, got out of bed and completed your run. A couple years ago I would have taken a slow run as a failure and just given up the whole thing. Now I can realize that deciding to get up and run the 5 miles is a success.

Running slow isn't a character flaw. . . quitting isThe good part of running in the morning is that it’s done! We got back to the apartment before 6:30am and had already accomplished something! Tonight though, after book club, it will be stretch and foam rolling time because I am SO sore. Also. . . this is how I feel today (okay, most days). . .

My blood type is coffee



2 thoughts on “Fartleking. . . Yup, You Read that Right

  1. “One thing that I’ve learned through marathon training is that sometimes it’s okay to just be happy that you woke up, got out of bed and completed your run.” OMG so true!!!

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