And So It Begins

To say we refreshed the browser a few times waiting for our training plans would be a serious understatement. When this email finally came, we were pretty excited.


And that excitement quickly turned into a constant state of tiredness. The week started off with a tempo run on Monday and boot camp Tuesday morning. Wednesday was Global Running Day which meant Deanne and I went to work representing! Not pictured here: our accidental twinning the day after.

Global Running Day

It also meant that I had to mad dash from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon charity kick off near Grant Park (thankfully we were supposed to wear our gear)


to Fleet Feet for CES speed work (here we are finishing up with some stretch and strength).


Thursday was boot camp again and then Friday morning was an easy run with my new favorite running buddy (she’s so cute right?)

Running buddy

This weekend kicked off with dinner at a new seafood place nearby with Meghan and Laura and then a slumber party with these two (and a pretty early bed time).

unnamed (1)

They hung out in bed when I headed out for my long run Saturday where I met these fellow Team LUNGevity runners and Meghan for 7 miles. It was awesome connecting with Katie, one of our new runners! While talking we learned that her mom, a survivor, lives near the Cleveland event this weekend and is able to join us!

Long run 2

Then went with me to my sisters grad party (photo taken before prom last week).

Family Prom

Sunday we ‘rested’ which to me means dog beach, errands, and a nice stroll (okay maybe more than a stroll) around town.

Sunday steps

This week is going to be busy. It starts off with a hill run tonight (and some dog beach time squeezed in there).


Then I am heading to Cleveland Thursday morning for a Breathe Deep event this weekend!

This week I am thankful for coffee

Best coffee quotes pics images pictures photos (19)

banana and egg pancakes (seriously. . .only two ingredients and so good)

Egg and banana pancakes

and motivational signs in our kitchen (courtesy of LP).


And as always, THANK YOU to everyone who has generously donated to my fundraising page! With 117 days to go until marathon time (not counting or anything), I am feeling pretty great about my fundraising. To donate or learn more about LUNGevity click HERE.


Cold July Runs And Weekend Kick Off

Chicago is awesome, it is 80 degrees one day and the next it’s windy, rainy and 55. Yesterday Deanne and I decided we’d turn our commute into a 6 mile run home and save some time so we posed for a photo naturally

Wednesday run home 1
and then we hit the streets by 5:10. The first half mile running home from work kind of stinks because you have to weave in and out of people but since we are so close to the lake front, after that it’s all a breeze (in this case literally). The wind was strong and pretty chilly and while it didn’t rain on our run home, it was misting enough to get you wet. The commute was tough but we chatted and complained a little (okay I complained) and we made it through! We took a selfy to send to Rejane at Wellington and then we split up to go the last mile to mile and a half home.

Wednesday run home 2When I got home I took the world’s fastest shower (you should be seeing my photo in Guinness soon. . the book not the beer) and then headed out to Old Town for dinner and stand up. I won’t waste my time talking about the burger that I ate because it wasn’t that great BUT I did make a serious cup of fro-yo that was awesome. It was cookie and cream froyo with strawberries, raspberries, brownies, nutella and if the cup was big enough I would have also added cheesecake and cookie dough bits (among other things).

Wednesday froyo

So this weekend I will be doing a lot of running (Sunday’s Fleet Feet historical run) and celebrating America. Stay tuned!


P.S. I’m only $400 away from my goal now thanks to the wonderful Beth Ida!

Goodbyes and Hellos

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to another one of my work fwends, Rejane. While I will miss her (and having an eating buddy here), I am excited for her new adventure in Sunny LA. Since it was her last day, we celebrated the only way we knew how. . .with food. We started with lunch at Pazzo’s where I got the Caprese Salad and she got the Chopped. Then the office closed at 4 and we grabbed an assortment of desserts at Toni’s and ate like tourists next to the bean.

Wednesday RejaneAfter our goodbye part 1 for Rejane (we are going to the Sox game and patio party tomorrow), I hightailed home to change quickly for Chicks Night at Fleet Feet with my roommate. While I’ve frequented the Old Town and South Loop¬† fun runs, I had never been to the Lincoln Square location before. We took the brown line to Western and got there just in time to introduce ourselves and head out. As I train for the Chicago Marathon, Meghan trains for the Women’s Half on Labor Day weekend so our running schedules have been syncing up making yesterday a 5 mile run for both of us! We followed with the group as we headed out towards the river for the first 2.5 and then turned around and did the second half just the two of us. While I love running on the lake path and in Lincoln Park/Lakeview, it was nice to get out and get a change of scenery and meet some new people.

Wednesday Chicks Night View
Once we got back to Fleet Feet we stretched out a little bit, I started a new tracking sheet and we said our goodbyes before heading home. Just a quick shameless plug for Fleet Feet: if you haven’t been to a Chicks Night before, it’s definitely something worth trying at least once. Everyone there is genuinely excited about running and supportive of your training. You meet people with similar goals as you and you are able to motivate one another as you get your workout in!

Wednesday Checks Night

Tonight after work I will be running the Jim Gibbons 5K that starts at Diversey Harbor and then continuing for the 2 miles home to get in my 5. For anyone interested in benefiting the Leukemia Research Foundation you can still register at the event starting at 4:30pm today! I’ll see you there (I’ll be the one wearing the Team LUNGevity shirt)!



Intramurals and Treadmill ADD

I must have done something right this year because the All Sports Series and the marathon gods teamed up to schedule¬†intramurals on cross train Mondays! This means that instead of having to schedule an extra non-running workout on top of an hour long game, I can kill two birds with one stone. So Monday after work I headed home to foam roll and stretch (ew) and then played an hour of volleyball. While I don’t have a photo from Monday, I do have a mug shot from last year. . .

1551620_677265768992522_163749967_nTeam Manny’s

Tuesday’s workout called for a 3 mile interval run. Since the weather was rainy and because I haven’t gotten the hang of pacing myself for ‘sprints’, I opted to do it on the treadmill. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before but I seriously dislike running on the treadmill. . . a lot. I feel awful saying that because most of the time the view from the workout room looks like this. . .

Treadmill view
. . . so I should not be complaining.¬† But I think the Chicago winter made me a little bit more salty about it and the time spent running on it feels like an eternity. So while I was dreading the workout, I was happy that it was only 3 miles and would be over pretty quickly. Since this was my first interval workout of the training season you’d think that I would go into it with a plan but instead my treadmill ADD took over and I just started pressing buttons. I did my first mile alternating doing a minute at 6.5 and then a minute at 7.5 then I got bored and for the last 2 miles I started the speed out at 6.2 and then increased every 30 seconds by 1. In the end I averaged about a 9:30 mile which was slower than I had hoped for but probably what I should have expected since I didn’t really map it out (see below. . . although I’m not sure where that smiley face came from).

Tuesday 3 Mile TreadmillSince my first interval session was less than stellar I plan on doing a little research this week and actually preparing for interval session number two (I’m open to any suggestions so please send them my way). Hopefully next week I can avoid feeling like this again. . .

Treadmill ecard for Tuesday

Then afterwards a little bit of this happened. . . (okay a lot). . .

Tuesday wine and sorbet

Tonight I plan on heading over to Chicks Night at Fleet Feet with my roommate to get in my 5 mile run. Hopefully weather is on our side! P.S. I am one of the newest members of the Fleet Feet #runchi Cheer Team!