LUNGevity Outing, Long Run and A Lot of Food

As far as I’m concerned, a weekend full of food is considered a success! This weekend kicked off with a LUNGevity outing to the Sox game (we won’t talk about who won). Thankfully I had fit my 3 mile run in before work with Meghan because we started downstairs on the patio where I consumed all of this:

FRIDAY Patio Food
And then we went upstairs and Deanne had to pull my leg (not) to eat this:

FRIDAY foodDespite the loss, we had a great time and ended the night with fireworks. I also got to meet and hang out with one of the survivors that attended Hope Summit and happens to be awesome!

friday with Deanne

Then Saturday was my first long training run for the marathon!! Yes, there will be a point where I say that and whine but for right now it’s still a ‘short’ long run and it’s still really exciting. So Meghan, my roommate that happens to have the same running schedule, and I woke up on Saturday, putzed around for a little and then went out for 8 miles! We headed down Wellington East towards the lake and then once we hit the lake path we went North until we hit the 4 mile point. We took a little selfie (naturally) and grabbed water. . .

. . . and then we headed back south on the lake path and turned down Addison towards home. The first 5-6 miles felt pretty easy and since our end goal is to run a 9:09 minute mile, we aimed for around a 10 min/mile for the long run (for anyone who doesn’t know your long runs are supposed to be done slower than race pace). The last 1-2 miles were a little bit of a challenge but with Great American Bagel in our near future, we hung in there until the end! Side note: the employees at Great American Bagel now look afraid when I walk in wearing running clothes after I passed out last year!

One great thing about training for a marathon is that you get your long weekend runs in usually before anyone else is even awake. This makes you feel super productive and proud, that is until the tired hits and you spend the afternoon snoozin. Once we got back we laid on the couches (yep, gross) and watched TV and dozed off until we finally got up to shower and then napped again. You go from productive to basically useless in a matter of hours. BUT by 2pm or so we got a second wind and ended up at Blues Fest with some fwends where this happened:

Then we headed over to Zapatista and continued to eat (guac and chips) and drink Sangria. Which by the way, I happen to consider part of the fruit group since it’s basically just fruit soaked in wine. . with a lot more wine added.

Sunday, I woke up bright and early to drive Rejane to the airport : ( and then went home to celebrate Father’s Day with my fam (what a great looking group of kids right?).

SUNDAY family

We went to my grandma’s where we met up with the rest of our family and grilled out. It obviously consisted of a lot of food and one of my favorites. . . banana cream pie made by this old lady (it’s her birthday Friday woo!):

SUNDAY Selfies(I definitely would have taken a picture of all of the food but I was way too busy eating it)

Monday was a cross training day and typically I would have been at intramurals but I took my brother to Champaign for registration. Since we spent the whole day walking around U of I, I consider that to be my training. Also, luckily (for me), our game was cancelled because of the rain so I didn’t miss out! Tonight is a 3 mile speed workout and I am going into it prepared (and also with super light clothing because it is HOT out). Stay tuned to see how it went!

Also, the official results from the 5K last week were posted online today and I actually ran a little faster than I had thought! Age


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