Waking Up Is Hard To Do

MOST of the time, I’m a morning person. . . this morning however was not one of those times. When my alarm went off at 5:30 for my 5 mile run it took everything in me to get out of the bed. I’m not sure when this started happening but now when I’m sore from a workout (yes, intramural basketball is a workout) the soreness lasts for days! Every muscle in my body hurts and it took a 10 minute self pep-talk (out loud of course) to get out of bed. If this happens at 26 I’m not sure I want to see what 36 is like. .  ugh. Anyways I did it. . .very reluctantly.

snooze buttons aren't part of the program
Usually by the time I stand up, get dressed and head out the door I feel almost completely awake and ready to run. Today though, I felt like this:

Thursday 5 Miles 1
To distract me from how tired I was I engaged in one of my favorite activities: people watching. Unfortunately at 6am the only people out to watch are other runners (who were passing me) which reminds me of this hilarious photo:

When I run with my roommate Meghan, I always break up longer runs for us in half and then tell her once we get halfway there, we just have to get home. For some reason it seems easier that way and she falls for it every time. It’s a little harder when you’re running alone to trick yourself. I kept going though and when I turned around at the 2.5 mile mark to head back I was actually feeling better and more awake (probably because I knew I was closer to coffee).

At the 4 mile mark I saw a guy doing something that I will never understand: running in place at a stoplight. Everyone knows that stoplights are for resting! Am I the only one that hopes that light turns red as I’m approaching? I gave that guy the stink eye and finished up the rest of my 5 miles. Slowly, but I did it!


Days like this
Some days, like today, I wonder why I signed up to do this marathon thing (again). But then I remember how awesome it is to cross the finish line AND raise money for a great cause. Right now though, I wish this was me:


P.S. I’m so sore that I would consider not even moving to eat today. I’m nervous for what Samantha has in store for us tonight.


6 thoughts on “Waking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Red light philosophy: during the first few miles of a long run as I approach a traffic signal I’m like “Please don’t turn red. Please don’t turn red.” If it does, I stand at the intersection pissed. At about mile 15 if I pass the same intersection I’m like “Please please please turn red.” If it does, I stand there smiling. So you’re not alone.

  2. I’m not a real morning person, I have to give myself a pep talk (also out loud) before begrudgingly dragging myself out of the bed most mornings! Running is one of the only things I love enough to be worth getting up early for! I love that t-shirt! I want to make myself some version of that….haha

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