PR and The Best Dad Ever

Yesterday I joined my sister and the Cosi team for the Jim Gibbons 5K at Diversey Harbor. My training called for 5 miles but I figured this would be the perfect chance to do a 5K at race pace and then jog the other 2 miles as a cool down.

I met Shelby before the race and we picked up our packets and then headed over to the start line. Since the beginning was being taped live by ABC 7, I thought it would be the perfect chance to represent in my Team LUNGevity t-shirt (hope everyone DVR’d the news last night)! So I made my sister inch to the front of the pack and hastily promised her we wouldn’t be trampled like Walmart shoppers on Black Friday.

Shelby and I starting lineCheesin at the start line.

The alarm sounded to begin the race and as we passed the start line I waved frantically to draw attention to my shirt. On the news clip later I saw myself flailing and my sister giving me the stink eye. We stuck together for the first block or so and then I took off. We headed north out of Diversey Harbor on the path and the first mile was quick for me. As I passed the mile marker and saw 8:37, I picked up the pace for mile 2. Towards the end of the second mile the hills kicked in and I think I finally understood what it felt like for my dad to walk to school barefoot up hill both ways. My legs were burning and I was starting to breathe harder. Just as I was about to slow down though I passed the second mile marker and saw my time was 16:43. I did a little mental motivation and with one mile to go I decided to just give it my all and get to the end as quickly as I could. So I kept up the pace and crossed the finish line of the 5K with my best time ever 26:39! Finishing photoFinish photo cred goes to Sondra who shamelessly held my fanny pack as I ran.

Once I crossed the line, Sondra and I cheered my sister on as she finished (so proud of her) and then we headed over to the Cosi tent to stuff our faces.

Shelby and I finish

We filled up on cookies, fruit, salad, chips and the best sandwiches ever. I started taking photos as I was in line for the food but then got distracted by how many sandwich choices there were and ended up not actually taking photos of them. . .


Father’s Day is a pretty special holiday in our house but to be honest, there really isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about how thankful I am to have my dad. When they ask you to fill out those random security questions for websites like ‘what was your first car make and model’ or ‘what was your best friends name growing up’, I always choose ‘who was your childhood hero’ and the answer is my dad (although it’s really his full name because it needs to be 7 letters. . .but don’t steal my identity). My dad is the hardest worker, the best mom and dad, and the coolest guy I know. He taught us to be a leader (even when it’s not cool) and more importantly, he taught us how to take care of ourselves but that it’s okay to call him for help. Clearly he did a great job raising us (coughcough. . I’m awesome) but I think the fact that we are already fighting over who gets to take him when he’s old means that he must have done something right.

db64a02199003c321dbbd1c1d1618244So Happy Father’s Day to this guy!






4 thoughts on “PR and The Best Dad Ever

  1. That sounded like a great and challenging race! Congrats! So sweet mentioning your dad 🙂 I feel the same way about mine! I would have made so many more mistakes without him 🙂

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