Easter Fun and Some Other Stuff

So last weekend I babysat. . . a baby. . . and we both made it out alive (phew). I took some adorable snaps of her but I’m not sure what the rules are about posting children’s photos on the interwebs so I’m going to not do that. Plus she’s way cuter than I am and I don’t want her stealing my show. Saturday I woke up sore because lifting babies is hard work when you have no muscles and I ran 20 boring miles around my hood.

20 Mile Run

Then Deanne and I schlepped around looking for Easter cupcake decor and we found out this is happening (as if Lakeview could get better).










Once we stopped salivating we started our cupcake prep.

Cupcake prep













3 cans of frosting, 2 bags of chocolate eggs, 25 peeps and several hours later this happened and it was delicious.

cupcakes on cupcakes on cupcakes

Saturday night we met people out and drank beer as I watched my bracket crumble.


Sunday was church day and I got to hang out with these goons.














And my 16 year old sister is definitely not taller than me. . it’s an illusion.

Charley and I













We had an Easter egg hunt. . . wine included. Every year my grandpa hides my eggs and makes them as hard as possible to find. Next year he’s in for a treat because I’m going to be in charge of his eggs and I’m taking this game to the next level.

Easter Egg Hunt













And then we raided grandma’s closet for a fashion show.

Gram Fashion Show

Monday I hit $1000 for my fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me!

Tuesday I started my day off with a misty 5 mile run before work. I won’t complain though because it was above 40 degrees.

5 Miles Tuesday










And ended it with a girls night and some T Swift karaoke (sorry to everyone at the bar that had to hear me sing).










Last week I started physical therapy for my knee and the good news is that with some weights, stretching and foam rolling I should be good to go. The bad news is that I’ve stopped drinking coffee and am supposed to be adding an extra rest day to my running schedule so I might lose my mind.









BUT I am happy to say now that it’s April, I am officially breaking up with the treadmill. . .until at least December.








The other day I realized that I only have a month between the Bayshore Marathon and Chicago Marathon training so I decided to do some fun runs like this one at the zoo!

Also I’d like to make this happen in the near future. And since you walk from restaurant to restaurant it’s basically a workout.





3 thoughts on “Easter Fun and Some Other Stuff

  1. Your cupcake decorating skills are amazing! Those cupcakes are so cute 🙂
    And great job on your 20-miler! Did you do it all alone? Way to get it done! I don’t have a 20-miler till next month but I don’t think I could get it done without other people to run with.

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