I’m Running Out of Blog Post Titles

I’m definitely forgetting a lot of things but here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks. I headed down to Baton Rouge for one of our events and I got to hang out with these cuties.










While I was there Haley taught me to Cajun dance and naturally we ate craw fish.

Crawfish 1








And it was awesome.

Crawfish 2









Instead of running 17 miles in the nice, sunny Baton Rouge weather I thought it would be a good idea to do it when I got home to Chicago in the wind and rain (it wasn’t).

17 miles









But then I thawed at Homeslice with these goons.








During the week I made a friend at the gym and she taught me how to do weights! There are not, and should never be, photos of this happening.
Shout out to this little nugget who broke the 18 year standing school triple jump record!









And then after a little bit (okay a lot) of whining, I convinced my friends to paint Easter eggs with me.

egg dying














And 72 eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, a ruined shirt and several drinks later everyone admitted that they had a great time.


Friday it was snowing or raining or something and John brought these in to cheer us up.


It worked and we decided to keep letting him work here.

Sunday we ran the Shamrock Shuffle and it was windy and freezing.

Shamrock pic

And I did not come in first but the company was good and there was beer after so I’m okay with it.















And while everyone else I ran with is photogenic, I look awful during and after running so do yourself a favor and don’t look at my post race photos on the Shamrock site.

The week started out in Bethesda with our All Staff meeting and some of us snuck out for a morning run.

Besthesda run

Looking like the the 3 best friends anyone could ever have (or just weirdos matching).


Tuesday morning Deanne and I realized that we matched. . .again. . .


Then at night we walked around and did touristy things.


And while I’ve been to DC several times before, I’ve never gone at night so it was pretty cool (minus the part where we got caught in the rain).

Touristy stuff














Then we got back to Bethesda and realized we’re not in Kansas anymore and everything closes at 10pm. So we ordered pizza to the room and like always, John saved the day with wine.













While I was there I conned Lauren into joining Team LUNGevity because misery loves company, which means that roughly 15% of our staff is crazy now.

Team LUNGevity










On the flight home Deanne, John and I watched food shows (obv) and I fell asleep while they stuck stuff in my nose.

One of my friends is coming to town this weekend last minute, yay and I have 20 miles to cover, not yay. Then it’s Easter time which in our family means a lot of eating.

Only 7 more weeks until marathon time so naturally I’ve started looking into post race meals in Traverse City! Stay tuned.

Also, this one is going home for 10 days and I’m going to miss this face.




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