Marathon Week

I’m sick, which stinks for me (because of the whole marathon thing in 4 days) but I think my co-workers are secretly (or not so secretly) happy that they don’t have to hear me since it hurts to talk.

Anyways the last couple weeks have been super busy (I’ll stop saying that November 23rd. . . or when I’m dead) but here’s a quick recap.

My marathon packet came in the mail and reminded me that I actually paid to wake up early and run 26.2 miles. . .


I got older (see packet above) and celebrated a lot with friends and wine and cake (duh) . . .



I cried at least 3 times at work because the new server hates me and doesn’t care that it’s event season. Thankfully I have the best co-workers and friends who send things like this. . .

Jess candy

and this. . .


Breathe Deep Philly happened and after 18 hours of traveling I finally arrived at 1 am with enough time to drink wine and do arts and crafts. . .


Event day went perfectly though and I’m glad I got to hang out with these goons. . .


Last week I went to LA for one of my best friends weddings. . .

Leanne and I

This happened and surprisingly, neither one of us cried. . .


And while I vacation, marathon training doesn’t, so I squeezed in a few runs and the view wasn’t awful. . .

Run in LA

While my friends at home were enjoying the 40 degree weather I hung out in the pool. . .


And then on the beach. . .


And then Sunday we had to leave these guys. . .

Matt, Leanne, Steve and I last night


Which stinks, but on the bright side I checked my bag AND got it back after the flight. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you but as far as lost luggage goes it’s Me: 1 Airlines: 3 so on Sunday I was winning. . like better than Charlie Sheen winning. And I got to come home to this. . .



Plus, I’m one of those rare, crazy people who love to come home to Chicago, even though the weather sucks 90% of the time.

I have officially hit my 2nd fundraising goal thanks to my wonderful friends, family, co-workers and apparently my stuffed bear Martin who knows how to donate online. . .

unnamed (1)

And it’s marathon week which means yoga, short runs and movie wine night at Samantha’s tonight! Last year she instituted ‘marathon week’ in an attempt to calm me down and prepare me for the race. This year, it’s just another excuse to hang out, drink wine and snuggle up with this guy. . . (ladies, Barksdale is single and you can check him out here).


Speaking of single. . . I finally got my phone battery replaced so it won’t die during the marathon (because I certainly don’t want to listen to my own thoughts for 4 hours). I’ve been putting off going to the Apple store for roughly 5 months. . . okay more like a year but last night I finally schlepped over there and turns out, it’s swarming with cute guys! My only complaint is that Apple should serve wine while you wait. . .although I guess mixing alcohol with technology is probably why half of those people are there anyways. . so maybe that’s not the best idea. But I’ve decided that if I get desperate one day, before I start browsing the Paws website for cats, I’ll dump some water on my phone and head over to Apple and see what happens.

So the rest of the week is busy with Fall event planning and Team LUNGevity marathon prep. Saturday is the expo, shake out run and the last chance to carbo load before I go back to eating like a normal human being!



3 thoughts on “Marathon Week

  1. Wow, such exciting stuff going on!! 4 days!! Yaaay!! So cool and you sound prepared and ready to go!! Hope you feel better soon!! I love your pictures!! Just beautiful!! xoxo

  2. sometimes i find getting sick the week or so before a marathon to be a blessing. i try to think of it as forced taper. just be extra sure to extra hydrate excessively! hope you have a great race!

  3. You’re already in shape for the race (nothing more to be gained on taper week). Sleep, hydrate and you should be fine come race day. Have a blast; looking forward to reading about how it goes.

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