Busy Week

Wednesday morning I woke up earlier than I had planned to and did a little workout in the gym. Yes I posted this photo yesterday but it’s cool enough to post again.

Tuesday view

My plan was to squeeze in my 6 mile run during lunch but when I got in, Anna asked if I wanted to head over to the Taste later so naturally that was my first choice (priorities people). So thankfully for my co-workers (and their noses), I pushed my run back to after work. Around lunch time we hit the Taste and got Chicago style hot dogs (obviously), toasted ravioli, pierogi’s, pad thai, turtle cheesecake and watermelon Italian ice. It’s a shock that we didn’t go into a coma at our desks (so much for the bridesmaid dress diet).

Wednesday Taste of Chicago Tickets

Wednesday Taste of Chicago Food
After work I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a networking group (alone) with some others managing endurance events for non-profits in the area. Then I ordered Lou Malnati’s (photos below) for my roommate and I, snuck in a ‘quick’ 6 mile run, inhaled my dinner and then met up with Steve at the movie in the park. The movie last night was at Lincoln Park near the Chicago History Museum and was. . .hold your gasp. . .my first time seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! The movie was great and so was the wine and company!

Wednesday Lou's pizzaPepperoni and pineapple deep dish

Lous saladDon’t let this ‘salad’ fool you. . there’s definitely bacon in it

Today is my Friday so I have a busy day at work and then tonight I am heading over to the 8K Bastille Day race with my roommate Meghan, Samantha, and a few other girls before heading for a post race dinner at Noodles in the Pot. Tomorrow, I will be starting my day off with a 12 mile long run (yay) and then kicking off the festivities for my friend Kristin’s wedding!


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