Intramurals and Treadmill ADD

I must have done something right this year because the All Sports Series and the marathon gods teamed up to schedule intramurals on cross train Mondays! This means that instead of having to schedule an extra non-running workout on top of an hour long game, I can kill two birds with one stone. So Monday after work I headed home to foam roll and stretch (ew) and then played an hour of volleyball. While I don’t have a photo from Monday, I do have a mug shot from last year. . .

1551620_677265768992522_163749967_nTeam Manny’s

Tuesday’s workout called for a 3 mile interval run. Since the weather was rainy and because I haven’t gotten the hang of pacing myself for ‘sprints’, I opted to do it on the treadmill. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before but I seriously dislike running on the treadmill. . . a lot. I feel awful saying that because most of the time the view from the workout room looks like this. . .

Treadmill view
. . . so I should not be complaining.  But I think the Chicago winter made me a little bit more salty about it and the time spent running on it feels like an eternity. So while I was dreading the workout, I was happy that it was only 3 miles and would be over pretty quickly. Since this was my first interval workout of the training season you’d think that I would go into it with a plan but instead my treadmill ADD took over and I just started pressing buttons. I did my first mile alternating doing a minute at 6.5 and then a minute at 7.5 then I got bored and for the last 2 miles I started the speed out at 6.2 and then increased every 30 seconds by 1. In the end I averaged about a 9:30 mile which was slower than I had hoped for but probably what I should have expected since I didn’t really map it out (see below. . . although I’m not sure where that smiley face came from).

Tuesday 3 Mile TreadmillSince my first interval session was less than stellar I plan on doing a little research this week and actually preparing for interval session number two (I’m open to any suggestions so please send them my way). Hopefully next week I can avoid feeling like this again. . .

Treadmill ecard for Tuesday

Then afterwards a little bit of this happened. . . (okay a lot). . .

Tuesday wine and sorbet

Tonight I plan on heading over to Chicks Night at Fleet Feet with my roommate to get in my 5 mile run. Hopefully weather is on our side! P.S. I am one of the newest members of the Fleet Feet #runchi Cheer Team!


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