National Running Day and Fun Run Recaps

So before I tell you about my National Running Day relay with Fleet Feet, let me recap the last couple weeks of my self declared May Fun Run Month. . .hold on tight, it’s been busy!

May 20th – May 22nd we had our All Staff Meeting in Chicago and apparently we had a uniform because this happened:

Everyone gathered together to talk about LUNGevity, what we’ve done and what our future looks like (hint: we’re kicking lung cancer’s ass). We also did a few fun things like breaking into groups and playing tourist:


Thursday we wrapped up our meetings and everyone headed home leaving the Chicago office with a ton of leftovers. Naturally we held an eating contest. . . most day old sandwiches in 7 minutes (shockingly, I did not win). Also, neither did John, which is not apparent from his jumping around.

Then Memorial Day came around and I decided I would go out for a long run and see what happened. . . . 10 miles happened!


And then immediately after I pigged out at a friends rooftop party (because why else would you run that much for fun?)


While all of this was happening I got 2 new roommates (same awesome apartment). I am SO excited that they also love to run and Meghan and I ventured on a gusty 5 mile run and learned why Chicago is called the Windy City (but really that’s not true, the weather has nothing to do with that nickname so don’t go around telling people that).

Then last weekend my brother did this (so handsome right?):

10417646_3543382180339_850227079921074138_nand then he did this (so proud):


And I headed out to San Jose for Breathe Deep Bay Area to meet up with our coordinator Jason. . .it was hard to miss his house with this in the driveway:

We prepped for event day and then I hit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and relaxed on the beach for a little while:


Event day Sunday was inspiring and they surpassed their $30,000 goal! Oh, and also I got this while I was there:

So that about does it for the past couple of weeks. Sprinkled into all of that activity were daily, not super exciting, 3-5 mile runs. Wednesday though was National Running Day and I celebrated by heading over to Fleet Feet in Old Town with my roommate Meghan to join in on the relay. They started in Elmhurst and ran from store to store picking up runners along the way. Most people ran from one to another and then bowed out but there was one guy who did the full 38 miles from Elmhurst to Lincoln Square to Old Town and then finishing at South Loop. . . and that guy is crazy. . .

Meghan and I met up at Old Town and then our group waited outside (and took selfies) until the Lincoln Square team got to us.

We did 5 miles from Old Town to the lakeshore and then down Roosevelt to the South Loop location where we ended with a nice cold beer. Meghan and I posed for a glam shot after the run. Yes I know my shirt is tucked into my shorts and I look like Urkel.10306759_284880638348285_8135871417532525318_n

SO, it has been an eventful and running filled ‘fun run month’. The biggest news I have is that I am taking over as the Event Manager for Team LUNGevity! Samantha, the world’s greatest coach and food connoisseur has accepted a job where she actually gets paid now to train and yell (I mean motivate) people like she did for me. So while I am so sad she doesn’t work in the office right next to mine anymore I am super excited for her that she found a job that she loves (and is awesome at). Thankfully we are real life fwends too so she is not off the hook as I train for the marathon this year. . . sorry Sam.

10419550_10203164703011215_3310797881364892206_nP.S. In an attempt to make this a quick blog post, I think I made it my longest. . . In the words of my teenage sister “sorry I’m not sorry”. In other super exciting news, today happens to be National Donut Day, so if you don’t find me at my desk, I am out celebrating at the nearest bakery.

Stay tuned for next week when I announce my Chicago Marathon goal time and training schedule! Let the fun begin!


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