Mornings Are For Running. . .

I’ve always been a morning person (with the assist of about 8 cups of coffee) so running before work is never really a struggle for me. Now that the weather is nicer and the sun rises earlier, it’s something I actually look forward to. Since I don’t have to hit a certain mileage each day, I have been finding new ways to make my runs fun. Last week I did a 4 mile run that consisted of a half mile loops of running up steps, sprinting over a bridge and then a recovery jog.

Bridge and stairs

Towards the end of last week I woke up at 5:30am and saw that the rain was coming our way. I jumped out of bed, threw my clothes on and rushed outside to get in a run. I took a different route going West on Wellington instead of East toward the lake and turned around at about 2 miles as I felt the drizzle coming down. To get back to my apartment before the rain, I sped up and ended up doing a nice little workout with negative splits (yay for sneaky speed work). I stepped into my front door right as the rain came pouring down; great success!

running in the rain May 13

Then Thursday night my roommates and I headed over to Frasca for $6 sangrias and bruschetta! We tried out the trio that consisted of fresh mozzarella tomato basil, roasted pepper goat cheese and then a strawberry and eggplant one that sounds awful but tasted delicious.


Saturday morning I got in a quick (and cold) run before heading home to see an inning of my brothers baseball game and head to my friends bridal shower in Oakbrook. I do not have photos of the scrumptious food, but I do have one of the fabulous company!

Kriston Shower

Our All Staff meetings start today and last through Thursday and with work dinner plans tonight, I wasn’t sure I’d get a run in. Since I’m doing a ‘fun run, no schedule‘ month, I decided last night that if I woke up in time to get a run in this morning I would go and if not, it’s fine. Well, 5:45am the sun was shining through my window so I popped up and headed out! I did 2 miles down Wellington towards the lake and then came back and tried to beat my time. On the way back I ran into my sister!

I am also excited to say that I just joined the Fleet Feet #runChi Cheer Team (yay) so you will be hearing a lot about that!


2 thoughts on “Mornings Are For Running. . .

  1. I’ve been loving the early morning sunrise! It makes it much easier to get up and get in early morning runs before work! The sangria and bruschetta sound delicious!

  2. I’m a morning runner too – it’s just so hard to get motivated to go out after work! That bruschetta looks ammmmmaaazziing 🙂

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