Thank You!

THANK YOU to all of my amazing family, friends and co-workers who have donated so far and pushed me over my $1000 fundraising goal (last year I didn’t even hit it until August)! I appreciate everyone’s donations, cheering and pep talks (Samantha) throughout the marathon training process — I Never Give up hopeam one very lucky girl!

I also wanted to do a shout out to the rest of Team LUNGevity who will be fundraising and running the Chicago Marathon with me in October! Together we have already raised over $23,000 in just a few short weeks! Matt Goode has raised over $19,000 so far (that is not a typo) and his thermometer just keeps going up. Frank Wannop, my Breathe Deep Pompano Beach coordinator, who lost his wife Lori recently from lung cancer is a first time marathoner and is tackling it all while coordinating the annual 5K!

Let’s keep it up!



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