Join Team LUNGevity — All The Cool Kids Are Doing It (sorry Dad)

My friends will be the first to tell you that I don’t cave to peer pressure. Growing up my Dad taught us that we were too cool to do what everyone else was doing and to be a leader. Looking back, it turns out that I wasn’t so cool after all. . . BUT it did keep me from drugs, teen pregnancy and jumping off a cliff.

That being said, this is the “good” kind of peer pressure! Check out all of the great things that go along with becoming part of our team!

  • Guaranteed entry
  • FREE CARA training (a $210 value)
  • Team gear
  • Fun runs
  • Personal fundraising page
  • One-on-one fundraising support
  • Pre-race team dinner

Not to mention the opportunity to raise funds for critical lung cancer research and support and to do your part in stopping lung cancer now!

So do it! Join Team LUNGevity and receive your guaranteed spot now! Sign up here or email Samantha at

P.S. Our shirts are in!



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