Day Off Equals Double Workouts!

One of the things I love the most about having the day off of work is getting two workouts in (I’m crazy right?). Today was my first official winter run through the snow and it was tough! The temperature and the wind weren’t Winter run Dec 9too bad but the snow on the ground provided some extra work on my legs and core! I set out to do 2.5 miles total but when I was about to head back I saw that the path near the lake was completely clear so I kept going and did my turn around at 2 miles instead — getting in a full 4 miles! Later on today I’ll hit up sculpt at Corepower with my favorite trainer Cheyne, who continues to kick my butt!

Today isn’t the only day full of workouts though! Saturday I went with a few people to How We Move hosted by Lululemon in Bucktown. I looked forward to this day all week and it did not disappoint! We started off at Lululemon in Bucktown and hopped on a trolley that took 30-40 of us over to our first stop: CrossTown Fitness. Here we numbered off into 4 groups and rotated through each station. We had a treadmill station, kettleball, step bench (lunges 1st round and tricep dips 2nd round) and weight (squat presses with a bar 1st How we moveround and burpees 2nd round) station. For the 1st round we did 30 seconds straight with a 15 second break and repeated that 4 times. The 1st round was challenging but not anything super hard. The 2nd round though she took it up a notch and had us doing 45 seconds straight of each exercise. . that doesn’t sound like a long time, but tell that to my triceps while I was dipping! I did find that when I got to the treadmill part, I was able to really crank it up higher than I typically do! Overall I think the first gym was great!

The 2nd stop was The Dailey Method in Bucktown. This was more of a barre ish class with pulsing and more targeted muscle exercises. We did a lot of floor work, with a little time at the barre and we held the poses for a long time each! I thought that this was a harder class and I appreciated the workout (and soreness in my legs the next day) but I also don’t think it was something that would hold my attention enough to keep coming back. We did get a free class though so I may try it again to see how I like a full 60 minute class!

Our final stop was Zen Yoga Garage. This was a relaxing and great way to end the day of working out! We ran through Sun A and Sun B and while it wasn’t ‘hot yoga’ the room was nicely heated for us! When we got out of class we encountered something that every workout should end in: Chipolte and wine! I naturally dove right into the Chipolte making myself a chicken burrito bowl and grabbed a glass of wine!

Chipolte CateredStay tuned for an update after the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tomorrow. Every year I like to get together with friends, pig out and watch the models strut their stuff down the runway.


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