I Run for Pie

Anyone who knows me (or has been following this blog) knows that I love to eat. So naturally I keep signing up for Pie Run with Stevethe Pie race in our hometown every Thanksgiving morning. Not only does it give me an excuse to pig out even more at dinner, I go home from the run with not one. . .but TWO pies!

A 5K is totally different on your body than a marathon (obviously) but it’s also a lot differently mentally. Through the marathon you keep telling yourself slow and steady over and over again (or try not to die if you’re like me). But when you’re running a 5K, you don’t have 26.2 miles to cover. . .just 3.1! I ran the first 2 miles with Steve and we talked Pie Run with Grandmaand then we passed mile 2 and I realized that I had one mile left. . and a ton of energy. So we split up and I picked up the pace! My last mile was almost 2 minutes faster than my first 2 and at the end I saw my grandparents cheering me on!


After the race (and trying a few bites of both the pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake) we headed over to my grandmas for dinner. To have a healthier snack there I brought proscuitto wrapped asparagus (yummmm) and homemade cranberry applesauce! The main feast though is cooked completely by grandma (she’s a pro now) and was, as always, amazing!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving family photo


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