I Ran The Chicago Marathon. . . So Now What?

Now that the marathon and crazy training are over. . what am I doing now? Running for fun — and I love it! Sure, training for a marathon (and getting to eat whatever I wanted) was an amazing experience but now that I don’t have to plan my life around it, I am able to go out and enjoy runs when I want and it’s awesome!

I renewed my CorePower yoga membership solely for the purpose of going to yoga sculpt a few times a week (if you haven’t tried it, you are seriously missing out) and I am running my first post marathon race on Thanksgiving morning (I run for pie obviously)! After about two weeks of getting back into the groove post marathon, I was able to pick it up and do a few 3-6 milers a week! Then a couple of weeks ago, I went out on a Saturday morning and just ran and enjoyed the weather until I felt like stopping — and ended up doing 12 miles!

So what’s my plan for the winter? Hot yoga sculpt and speed work are going to be my main focus throughout the winter. Since it’s so cold out, I plan on keeping my runs short but quick and working on getting faster for marathon training next year (yep, I just said that).

First post-marathon long run!
Post marathon long run


8 thoughts on “I Ran The Chicago Marathon. . . So Now What?

  1. I was thinking the same thing after I finished the marathon! I have introduced more cross-training and actually found that I really enjoyed spin classes. Yet my love will always be for running and I still keep up 25-30 miles/week. I’m currently trying to find my next marathon haha there is a Green Bay one that looks fun and one more locally in Schaumburg – both in May. Are you wanting to run another marathon?

    • I like the idea of doing one in Schaumburg! I might look into that!
      I plan on doing the Chicago Marathon again next year — I’m so excited! But for now, it’s fun to just run when you feel like it! 🙂

      Good luck with your next one!

      • I will be doing Chicago again next year (well assuming there is nothing screwy getting in), but I do not know if I can wait that long!! The one in Schaumburg is small, so it would be completely different than Chicago – but it is literally a stone’s throw away haha

        There are also some halves this summer and the Soldier Field 10-miler this summer. So many choices!

  2. This is great. Enjoy it. And Yes, totally agree with the yoga. Excellent!! I also found that 1 or 2 days a week with some weight training have a huge impact on running. There is an oldie but goodie workout I keep going back to that is weights and cardio a together. The Spartacus workout. The original is great although there are a few other versions that are good too. Have fun!

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