3 Days To Go!

Only 3 more days until the Chicago Marathon and I’m actually not that nervous (yet)! Samantha and I deemed this week ‘Marathon Week’ so we’ve been doing fun leading up to the big day!

Sunday: Cross Training day — walked for an hour or so. My hip was hurting from Saturday’s run so I iced, rested and foam rolled after walking. Sunday night Samantha hosted our Marathon Week Kick Off where we watched Spirit of the Marathon and munches on chips and guac!

Monday: Rest day! Iced, stretched, foam rolled and iced some more!

Tuesday: 4 mile run after work down Wellington to the lake front path and then back again. It’s crazy how 4 miles is no big deal now!

Tuesday Run

Wednesday: Samantha and I did my last weekday run (2 miles) at lunch on Wednesday! We headed out from our office to the lake front path, went south until the fountain and turned around to head back. It was a quick but nice run!

2 mile Run 4 days to go

Thursday: I ran the 3 miles to rooftop yoga. It was a great session and the right amount of stretching and relaxing that I needed!

Rooftop Yoga mats Rooftop Yoga


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