Marathon Week (and Constant Weather Checking) Begins!

We are ONE WEEK away from the big day and I couldn’t be more excited! Yesterday I started my morning with a run through the final 8 miles of the marathon route. Lululemon and Three Run Two put together a group run that took us from Bishop and Taylor (Mile 18) 8 miler startthrough the rest of the course ending near Grant Park where Mile 26.2 will be. It was humid, the views were awful and there was a surprise hill (ugh Mile 20) but it was fun! My pace group did however get a little off track – around Mile 6 we were supposed to turn left on Michigan but we missed it and ended up going a half mile or so out of the way and then trucked a half mile back to get on track.

I had gone back and forth all week about whether or not I was going to do the run with the group since it was a pain to get to the ‘starting line’ for me. Friday night though I decided that even if it was out of the way, I wanted to have the experience going into the race. I am definitely glad I did it! I got to get an idea of what the end of the marathon will look like, I met some really nice people and I got my last ‘real’ run in before the final taper week!

8 miler china townThe one downside of this run was that my right hip really started to hurt in the last mile or so. I had a lot of pain walking back and didn’t sleep much last night. I’ve spent the day icing, stretching, foam rolling and resting. Since this weeks mileage is low, I’m hoping that the rest, ice and some serious stretching will help and that I’ll be in great shape by Sunday!

So now it is Marathon Week!
I will be kicking off Marathon Week (yes, it’s a real thing now. .  we made it one) tonight by watching Spirit of the Marathon with Samantha and Susie! I am also trying to resist the urge to check the weather every hour to see what it will be like on Sunday (darn you 10 day forecast). Happy Marathon Week everyone!

P.S. A friend of mine passed along this video to me on the 8 Stages of Marathon Running!

end of run 8 mile


11 thoughts on “Marathon Week (and Constant Weather Checking) Begins!

  1. I have literally been checking the weather every few hours… and it keeps changing! Enjoy your marathon week 🙂 cannot wait to line up! I might have already asked you, but what corral are you?

  2. I feel ya on the hip thing! Dang bodies not cooperating with the wear and tear we put them through 🙂 you’ll do great! Have a great marathon week!

  3. You will do great! I checked the weather so much before my recent half-marathon that I was making myself sick. I just have to realize, I’m signed up, I’m running and I will dress for the weather the day of. If it rains it rains but I will still run!

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