12 Mile Cut Back Week

Usually I spend my Saturday mornings doing a long run but instead this Saturday I went shopping with my sister for her first Homecoming dress (way better than running)! So Sunday morning, I planned to meet a couple of girls from Lululemon run group for my 12 miler.

Sunday morning we meet outside of Lululemon on Southport. Since the rain was pretty heavy, we stuck close to the area, only running the Lululemonlakefront path for a few miles. It was nice to run with other people and it took my mind off of the bad weather. We ran through the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood and chatted about the marathon, training and our next long (20 miles) run! We finished up at the store and then headed over to Great American Bagel for coffee.


Next week is the run that I was dreading BUT it turns out it might actually be fun! I was planning on doing my 20 mile long run along the lake front and then heading home for my family birthday party in the suburbs. Last week though, I was looking for races near Elk Grove Village that might allow us to promote our upcoming event, and I ran across a 20-miler race that is for marathoners training AND will allow me to pass out materials on Breathe Deep Busse Woods! Also, I will be close to home to eat cake after! I reached out to my fellow Team LUNGevity runner, Ken and he and friends will be running as well! I’m excited to meet some of our team and get through the 20 miles with other people training!



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