13 Miles in the Rain

Saturday was my 13 mile cut back run and it was. . . easy. It is crazy to look back and think that 13 miles (or 13.1 — because the .1 is always Oatmeal August 31the hardest) was something that I trained for weeks to accomplish. Half marathons used to be the event that I built up to and now it’s another notch in my marathon training belt.

I woke up on Saturday and ate a bowl of oatmeal (still working for me) and headed out. I decided to go Northwest a little before heading over to the lake just to shake things up a little bit. About 2 miles in to my ‘long run’ the rain started coming down. At first it was a light drizzle that lasted another mile or so and then it started coming down consistently harder. While my socks were getting wet and my clothes a little heavier, the rain actually didn’t bother me and turned out to be a nice 13 miles August 31change of pace. Because of the rainy weather, the beach was empty and the lake front path clear. As Samantha’s mom would say, the only people running in that weather are women getting married and in my case, those training for the marathon.

I trucked along in the rain for the full 13 miles, stopping only to get water twice (it wasn’t as hot as it typically is) and to check out a tree that had fallen from the storm.Fallen Tree August 31

While this run wasn’t very eventful, I have a feeling next week’s will be so stay tuned. . . 19 miles (longest run ever) planned for this upcoming Saturday followed by Chipolte Fest — is there any better way to end a run? Post workout snack August 31


7 thoughts on “13 Miles in the Rain

  1. Love that awesome feeling when something that used to be such a challenging goal turns into a stepping stone to something that once might have seemed crazy 🙂

  2. It looks like we’re following really similar training plans- I ran 13 last weekend and 19 this past Saturday. Keep up the great work!

  3. 48 Miles in 48 Hours | Mike Love's Tri Blog

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