18 Miles and The Search Is Over

And the winner is. . .  Honey Stinger Chews! I finished all 18 miles, feeling great and continued to feel fine all day!Honey Stinger

I started off my morning with a packet of instant oatmeal (thank you Deanne for the suggestion), drank a glass of water and then headed out. I followed my normal route for the most part but instead of going down Wellington to the lake I headed down Addison. I went South down the lake front path and took small sips of water as I passed each fountain. At 5 miles I tried my first chew — making sure to swish the water in my mouth to get the taste out after. I continued to run and stopped every 2 miles or so for water and every 5 miles for a couple more chews. As I ran past mile 13 and realized I still felt great, I started to think about everyone who has helped me along the way. Yes, I am doing the actual running part myself, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help and support of so many different people. So. . . . .

Thank you to Ken and all of Team LUNGevity for training, supporting each other and raising money and awareness for lung cancer.

Thank you to Gregg at Fleet Feet who recommended Honey Stinger chews and spent an hour discussing the pros and cons of each energy gel with me.

Thank you to my friends and roommates (Katie and Kelly) who are probably sick of hearing about running and put up with me going to bed at 9pm on Friday nights.

Thank you to Mr. Daar who has been telling us to take small sips of water for years. . . I finally listened Saturday. . turns out he was right.

Thank you to my Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom for doing this with me and for motivating me in the virtual (Nike) world and in the real one.

Thank you to Samantha for listening to me recount every mile of every run, for hosting yoga where I get my only stretching in and for giving me tips and talking about food while we run together.

Thank you to my Aunt Kim who is always positive and genuinely excited to hear about my running.

Thank you to my coworkers who put up with my workout attire and Barb who keeps us fed.

Thank you Steve, who patiently listens to me complain that I’m starving and then subsequently complain that I’m full.

Thank you to my family who is always supportive and my grandparents who have cheered me on at every sporting, school and life event (no matter how long and boring).

Most of all my dad, who taught me how to work hard even when things get tough and has told me I can accomplish anything I put my mind to — except sing.

Post Run Meal:

Chocolate milk Whole wheat bagel


16 thoughts on “18 Miles and The Search Is Over

  1. Congrats on 18 miles! Such an accomplishment. Also…I am a big fan of chocolate milk after long runs, too! I’ll have to try the honey stinger chews, I’ve been hearing good things about them!

  2. Awesome! Congrats on your great long run! I will have to try the honey stinger chews! I just used Clif Shot Bloks and they are good, but i want to keep trying different ones to find what works better.

  3. Way to go!! I did my 18-miler this weekend too and felt great! I have never tried stinger chews, but I have a pack of them – so I will probably try them out on my 19-miler this weekend 🙂 I love Accel 4:1 gel because they have protein for more sustained energy.

  4. Congrats on an awesome run!! Woot! It’s funny, I’ve tried the stinger chews and while I love the taste (I sort of just want them as a snack), the act of chewing while running was hard for me. Glad they worked out for you – they are definitely yummy! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the long run and figuring out what energy thingys work for you!! I have such a limited selection here in Geneva but the PowerBar gels seem to be the easiest on my stomach. And definitely sips of water to avoid a stitch – I learned the hard way 🙂

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