17 Miles

The 17 mile run on Saturday was my longest and toughest so far. I woke up about an hour before I wanted to leave to try to eat something (still struggling to find something that agrees with my stomach).PB and Sandwich thin I decided on trying a toasted wheat sandwich thin with a little bit of peanut butter. I had a glass of water and ate about 6 bites of the toast. Being too nervous to finish it, I drank another glass of water and headed out.

Typically, I do my longer runs early in the morning but having slept in until 8:30 and then giving myself an hour to eat and digest, I didn’t head out until 9:30 or so. . mistake! This weekend was the air and water show and while it was a nice distraction to people watch, it was also very crowded on the lake front path. On my way out, I didn’t have much trouble and was able to navigate through the path, but as I turned around for the second half of my run it started to go down hill. Around mile 11, I started to feel hungry so I ate a few grapes that I brought with. I know now that this isn’t enough to fuel a long run but at the time I was just trying to find a ‘food’ that didn’t have a strong taste. I continued on but got caught up in the crowd 17 milesof the show. There were strollers and kids running around and from North Avenue to Fullerton the path was pretty much packed. I was able to get through but weaving in between people and the constant stop and go for that mile wore me down. The last 2.5 miles of my run I felt light headed and nauseous. Once I got home, I felt like crap for the next hour or so –still light headed and nauseous. Thankfully though, in the few hours after my run I started to feel better, showered and ate. By 5pm i was as good as new!

What I learned for next weeks 18 miler:

1. Leave earlier!
2. No matter how bad it tastes, I need to bring a Gu or something!
3. Have food ready for when I get back!


Post run dinner at Smoque BBQ


19 thoughts on “17 Miles

  1. I’m so glad that I was able to get last week’s long run in during the week and miss the Air and Water show. That must have been a disaster! I’m heading out tomorrow for 18! Do you run it all in one direction? I’ve been doing a portion South and then the rest North.

    • You’re doing 18 during the week!? Wow!!
      I live 1.5 miles from the lake front so I ran from my apartment to the lake front path and went north for a mile and then turned around and went south the rest of the way. I went south to a little past the Shedd and then came back. The route would have been perfect had it not been for the air & water show!!

      • I’m in between jobs right now, so getting it done during the week is no problem! I ran to lake (I’m very close) and then down past the bird sanctuary and back up the golf course at Recreation and then back to Ohio Street beach. It’s crazy how long 17/18 miles really is!

  2. Awesome job though!! Breakfast used to be a challenge for me too because of my stomach – nothing really agreed with me or it was too heavy. Now I have a banana and some water or coffee and that’s IT. If you don’t like Gu – try Clif gels – (my favorite is the lemon-lime flavor). If it’s the thick consistency you don’t like, Gatorade makes gels that are more “watery.”

  3. Nice one on the 17 miles!
    In what way do the gels upset yor stomach? Is it all gels, or just ones with caffeine in them? I use Gu gels, but I always take them with 150ml to 200ml of water to ‘dilute’ it in my stomach.
    My preferred breakfast before a long run is a smoothie of berries, banana, oats and honey with soy milk. I find the soy is easier on the stomach than milk (no lactose), the banana and honey gives you fast energy while the oats seem to have a longer burn. But I also try to eat 2 hours before running to give it all time to settle.

    • Thanks! I think I just need to find a flavor that agrees with me. . the actual gel doesn’t upset my stomach, it’s more having the aftertaste in my mouth that starts to make me nauseous. I have also heard eating oats in a smoothie or oatmeal is a good idea before a long run. I plan to try that this Saturday!

  4. Great run getting in 17 miles. That’s the distance I’m tackling next Saturday. I must also improve getting in that post run meal. I’ve found it can make a huge difference in recovery to get a solid meal in within the hour post run.

  5. I have my 17-miler next week and am not looking forward to it. The things we do to/for ourselves!
    I concur with the GU Chomps. I think they’re my favorite of the running fuel line, though some of the GUs are ok. You might want to try getting a GU variety pack to test out all the flavors/types of fuel they offer. As far as the nausea goes – I used to be practically incapacitated with nausea after any run over 10 miles until I figured out it was the result of severe dehydration. Not sure how much water you drink on the run, but it’s something you could look into.I always have a camelback with me now and hardly ever have the same issues any more.

  6. I’m currently training for my first full marathon and this Sunday I am going to run an 18 miler(my longest run ever!). I’m super nervous! Good job on your run! At least you still got out there and finished!!

  7. Congrats on 18 done! Sometimes the best training is when it doesn’t go perfectly b/c you learn to push through.

    I have started taking Bonk Breaker bars w/me on long runs and my last few marathons. They’re relatively bland but tasty enough & don’t feel heavy on my stomach. I think they’re low on sugar too.

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