14 Miles — Check!

Leading up to my long run on Saturday I was a little overwhelmed. 14 miles was something I had never tried before and would be the longest 14 miles done!mileage I had attempted. While I’ve run 13.1 before, I laughed to myself that I was getting up early on a Saturday morning to run 14 miles with no real reward. Sure, I had run several half marathons over the past few years but those were a big deal. I told my friends and family who came out to support me, I carbo loaded the night before and I was motivated by thousands of people cheering me on. This time though, I was running a mile further and no one was getting up to watch and there certainly wasn’t anyone handing me a medal at the end or free beer and pizza.

Thankfully I had an easy Friday night. My roommates and I headed over to Wrigley Field for a yoga night sponsored by Lululemon. We down yoga at Wrigleydogged with hundreds of other yogis in the outfield and then headed over to a local sushi restaurant before turning in for the night. I woke up Saturday morning rested and ready to go and then something crazy happened. . . I ran 14 miles and didn’t stop! It was amazing. I felt great, I listened to music and I was in the zone. I ran 7 miles out along the lake and then turned around and ran 7 back, like it was no big deal.

No, I didn’t get applauded (except by Samantha of course who texted me mid run to encourage me and my roommates who congratulated me as I laid on our floor after) and no one handed me a banana and a cold water as I finished. But I did realize that I felt the same accomplishment and this time, I motivated myself the entire way. Once I got back to my apartment and sat down, it was a little hard to get up again but after a few hours of moving I was fine!

I did happen to have lunch plans that day though with my intramural team at Manny’s (our sponsor) which was definitely a great way to tack those calories back on!

Manny's Lunch


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