A Weeks Worth of Workouts

As far as running goes, the past week or so has been pretty uneventful aside from the heat. Starting Saturday though I will be running in uncharted territories with 14 miles being my longest run ever! So here’s a recap of my training for the past week to tide you over until we get to the good stuff!

9 Miles and Taste of River North: Friday night I headed to the Taste of River North with my roommates. The food, sangria and music were amazing and reasonably priced! Unlike the taste of Chicago, which has become more for tourists, Taste of River North had a lot of local samples that I have yet to try. Naturally, we each got 2 things and split them among us. While we had a blast, a fun Friday night doesn’t always make for an easy Saturday morning run. I got up a little later Saturday and headed out for 9 miles closer to 8:30 instead of 6:30 as I had planned. The first couple miles weren’t great, but after that it was smooth sailing! I was hot out, but once I got to the lake, the breeze felt nice and the water stations were at every mile.

Cross Train: Sunday was a cross train day (which I always have trouble with). I decided that since it was nice out I’d do it in the form of a fast walk. . .ending at the beach. I headed out and briskly walked a 40 minute route to the beach. I laid out for a couple of hours with friends and read and then walked another 40 minutes or so back home.

Basketball: Monday was Week 6 on our Chicago Co-ed sports schedule. We rotate between basketball, volleyball, flag football, softball and dodgeball. Basketball is definitely my favorite though because it’s a great workout!

312 Fun Run: Samantha and I headed out Tuesday after work to do the 312 fun run at Park Grill. Again we chose the 5 mile route and while it wasn’t raining this time, it definitely was windy on the way back. The first 2.5 miles were a breeze (no pun intended) and we chatted about Samantha’s upcoming wedding, food (of course) and whether or not to join a pace team for the marathon. As we hit the half way point though, drank some water and turned around, the wind kicked in. The second half consisted of Samantha convincing me that the wind wouldn’t kill me!

4 Miles and Rooftop Yoga: This morning was a great 4 mile run along the lake and tonight is week 3 of rooftop yoga at Samantha’s!


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2 thoughts on “A Weeks Worth of Workouts

  1. I have 14 miles this week too and I’m nervous, as this is my longest run ever. And I have to squeeze it in before work on Friday! Yikes! Good luck!

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