To Eat or Not To Eat

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, the question of whether to eat or not normally isn’t a difficult one for me. Unfortunately while I am running, this is a completely different story. I have tried countless energy shots and goos and each one makes me feel sick within seconds of consuming them. So far, the longest race I’ve run has been a half marathon so I have been able to pass with a few bites of a whole wheat bagel and water. Running 26.2 miles with no food though, is not going to fly. So I have made it my mission to find the most fueling and least nauseating food throughout my remaining long runs.

First up: baby food. Yes, you read that correctly! Don’t let the Disney theme mislead you, these fruit purees have been a staple in my diet since Fruit Pouchcollege. They are not only healthy, they also don’t require a spoon. For runners — the top is a twist off so you can eat half and save the rest for later! I stuck with a peach, apple and banana flavor and waited until mile 9 to take a few ‘sips’ just in case my stomach wasn’t as thrilled about the fruit pouch as I was. I ate about half of this single serving (well. .  single serving for a baby) pouch and felt fine after! My only issue was with the temperature so I may freeze it beforehand next time to ensure that it is cold still by the time I eat it.

Next up: Clif Bar Shot Bloks — Stay tuned!

Nike Run 07.06.2013 Chicago run 07.06.2013










After a long run on Saturday, we did a relaxing yoga session on Samantha’s rooftop!

rooftop yoga


One thought on “To Eat or Not To Eat

  1. Great post! I’m also experimenting with fuels for the Chicago Marathon. Im hoping to qualify for Boston! So far I’m a fan of Gu. I’m having a FrogFuel giveway on my blog. You should check it out!

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