Team LUNGevity Fun Run

Yesterday after work Samantha and I headed over to Park Grill for 312’s Run to the Plaza. Not only was this a fun new way to get our workout in, we were also able to meet up with another Team LUNGevity runner (also a newbie marathoner)!

With Nike pacers to lead the way, we chose between a 5 mile run (fast, medium, slow) and a 3 mile run (fast, medium, slow). We decided on the 5 Nike Map for 312 runmile medium pace. Thankfully we had good weather overall with just a little rain as we headed out. Samantha talked while I heaved, as we ran along the lake shore and down past the Shedd. We did a turn around 2.5 miles in and stopped for everyone to grab water from the fountain.

When we got back to Park Grill we immediately headed for water and to check out the beer and food (naturally). They had a 312 run food picsgreat selection of BBQ from pulled pork and cheddar dogs to sweet potato fries. We were able to catch up with our mini Team LUNGevity group and talk about training and the marathon. Towards the end they had some great raffle prizes, sadly none of us won — fingers crossed for next time!

Anyone interested in joining us next month? We will be signing up for the July 25th run! Registration begins July 9th.

Nike Run 06.25.2013 312 run


2 thoughts on “Team LUNGevity Fun Run

  1. Congratulations on beginning your first marathon training. You have a wonderful journey ahead of you, and in a wonderful city. I love Chicago and don’t get there often enough.

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