Post Marathon Life

There is a real thing called the Post Marathon Blues (seriously, Google it) that a lot of runners go through after they cross the finish line. It makes sense that you would be a little lost after spending 4 months of your life dedicated to training for something and last year I definitely felt it. I didn’t miss staying in on weekends or waking up super early to run, but as someone who likes having a schedule (okay I’m crazy), it’s weird not to have every free second and workout planned for you.  This year though was completely different. I crossed the finish line, chugged a few beers and haven’t looked back. Yes, I’ll totally do it again next year but as soon as I was done training I went back to being a normal human being (and eating like one). I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that this year has been crazy busy, but the last two weekends were a nice break from running, work trips and weddings.

Last weekend my brother came home and we went out to dinner and then hung out and watched Breaking Bad.

Buck, Charley and I


Then Saturday Steve, Deanne and I schlepped to Lincolnshire and went to a pumpkin farm that was clearly meant for kids but we had fun anyways.


Pumpkin Farm Slide


Deanne and I pumpkin farm


Sunday I tailgated with friends,  Deanne and I got massages, Meghan and I saw Gone Girl (so good) and then we went on the most painful run ever.



Tuesday we decided to try the running thing again and went to Chick’s Night at Old Town and it was dark and windy but fun and only moderately painful.

Chicks Night 2
Wednesday we carved pumpkins. . .BOO!

Pumpkins 2


And made homemade cranberry applesauce. . .



And then roasted the pumpkin seeds!


And the view wasn’t that bad either. . .

Friday after work I attempted to make a mummy pie which looked like crap and tasted amazing. . .

Pie 2

Then I went to see Kinetx and here I am way past my bedtime. . .


Going out on Friday night might not seem like a big deal but after training for a marathon for 16 weeks and getting up every Saturday morning at 6am, being out until 2am (and enjoying it) is hardcore. Because usually it takes a few weeks to get back into the swing of things and you feel like this. . .


Saturday afternoon I went to the blood drive and here’s what I looked like after I donated. . .

Donate blood

If you haven’t donated blood before you should. . . you’re someone’s type ; )

So I’ve donated blood every 8 weeks for the past 10 years and have not once felt sick or fainted but as we were walking out I fainted and hit the floor. . .hard. . . and afterwards I looked like this. . .

Hit the deck

When I woke up the first thing I said was “I want my dad, someone get him” you know, because I’m an adult. . . And you know how I know I’m a real adult? Because my whole body still hurts. You don’t bounce back so easily when you’re old, falling is a serious thing.

After a serious amount of recovering (okay a 3 hour nap) I got to hang out with these guys and you can clearly see that I’m the one in charge. . .

Dog sitting

Dog sitting 2

Dog sitting 3

Today I got to see them again when I went home to the burbs to watch the Bears game and hang out with my family. . .

Bo boboboo

Oh hey. . .

bo from back

And I found this picture from when I was the flower girl in my aunt’s wedding and it’s clear that I’m going to be that girl from 27 Dresses. . .


Oh and I had this for breakfast this morning before heading to an event at Fleet Feet but I don’t know how to go back to insert pictures so I’m just going to put it here. . .


The last couple weeks have been busy, but good busy. While marathon training is over, event season is not and we still have one crazy month to go of planning and traveling before it settles down a little. This weekend I head to Kansas City (yay for good food and company) and the following weekend we have a few events in Chicago (including Fall Benefit) and then Nashville before Thanksgiving (not the worst way to end event season). Thankfully, I have the best job ever but I definitely foresee a lot of coffee in my future. . .



P.S. Big shout out to our Team LUNGevity Chicago Marathon runners that raised $76,085.43 (and counting)!

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Marathon Recap

I’m going to write this in so much detail that it takes you as long to read it as it did for me to finish the marathon. Kidding! It’s event season still. .  ain’t nobody got time for that! So here goes:

Last Friday our office huddled in the conference room and ate snacks. . I mean made signs. . and my reading glasses ended up on the interweb.

sign making 2

Sign making group

And here are Deanne and I making signs for Team LUNGevity (so technically ourselves) because we’re really, really cool. . .

Sign making

Then I went to pick up my shirt and got stuck in traffic for roughly. . five-ever. . so I was late to meet Deanne at the movies (any of my friends that are reading this have probably fallen out of their chairs. . you read that right. . I was late to something, like for real late). But my shirt was pretty awesome. . .

Shirt back
I missed the first few minutes of Transcend, a movie about Wesley Korir but thankfully I got to see most of it and then we stuck around for the Q&A after which was hilarious. Turns out the Kenyans work so hard because they need the prize money to feed their families. In my case, the longer it takes me to run a marathon, the more places my family has time to stop at and eat and drink beer. Here we are with the movie/running star. . .

Movie Friday

Saturday morning I met Deanne and Frank (another Team LUNGevity runner) at the Runner’s World shake out run where we did an easy 2 miles and cheesed for the camera (there was a lot of that happening all weekend). It’s surprising that I’m smiling in this photo since I had been awake for 4 hours without coffee (more like a miracle).Shake out run


Shake out run with frank

Then we headed over to the expo and got our bibs, shirts and a bunch of other random stuff that is probably still in that huge clear gear check bag somewhere in my apartment. I posed immediately for Samantha’s must have photo with the alert level sign. . .

Alert flag

And then we posed in front of another sign. . .

Expo with Deanne
And then another sign for good measure. . .

Steve and I at expo

And then we wrote our names on the this huge thing that they take from the expo on Sunday and put along the route at Mile 24. . .

Signing the wall

And then right after this my body realized I hadn’t had coffee yet and I immediately left to go to the nearest Dunkin before someone got hurt.

Once I set up my coffee IV, I checked out the program and look who I found. . . Hey LUNGevity!

LUNGevity in program

During the afternoon we went over to Fleet Feet and I looked for marathon shirts and tried on visors because obviously they make me look cool.


One of the many things that stink about running a marathon is that if you are a small or medium (which surprisingly I am), you will not find a shirt in your size unless you are literally the first person in the store several days before the race. Otherwise all of shirts leftover are large and extra large because no one runs a marathon and then needs an extra large shirt. So instead I just held up a shirt that is too big for me but I’m basically wearing it. . right?

shirt at Fleet Feet

After Fleet Feet we went to Greek Town and carbo loaded and went out. No photographic evidence. . .probably for the best.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and ate my oatmeal while I waited for these guys to get in. . .

Dad, uncle joe and I pre marathon

Steve’s condo is a few blocks from the starting line which is awesome for me because then I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and schlep over on the train and Deanne could come over and hang out before we headed over to the starting line.

Deanne and I pre-marathon

We left around 7:20am to walk over and went through security straight to the bathroom line and posed for a pre-marathon selfie before sprinting to the start corral just in time. . .

Starting with Deanne

Then around 8:21am we took off! My goal was to take each mile at a time and keep it between 10 and 10:30 and to have fun (ha). So every mile I reset the clock as if it would trick my body into thinking I was only doing one mile total (I’m so smart right). . .and it worked! I felt great and stayed on track through mile 18! Around mile 2 I saw my family and then in Lakeview I saw Meghan and since I was running and don’t have a photo of her cheering, I will instead post this embarrassing one of her. . .(thanks for cheering and making me root beer floats dingus)!



Then a couple miles later I saw Allison holding the sign she made . . .



Around mile 10 I saw girls from my Lululemon run group and then mile 13 I saw my family again. 14 was charity mile so I saw all of my co-workers and Steve cheering and naturally I wiped my sweat over everyone as we hugged. . .

TL Mile 14


Then around mile 15 I saw this face and could not have been happier. . .

Samantha Cheering


Samantha ran with me for a minute and told me I looked great which is clear from these photos. . not. . .



And then I was on my own. Miles 15 through 18 were fine and I rocked out to One Direction and kept telling myself I just had 1 mile to do over and over. Then around 19 my pace slowed a little bit but something wonderful happened. . . this 70 year old Asian man handed me a firecracker popsicle and made all of my problems instantly disappear. It wasn’t until mile 22 that I actually hit a wall and shit got real for about half of a mile (I’m allowed to swear once because I ran a marathon).

So last year I started feeling awful around mile 18 and it lasted basically until mile 25 when I was too delirious to realize what was going on anymore. This year I kept waiting to feel like crap and it didn’t happen until I passed the 22 mile marker and felt like I got hit by a semi. So I went through the water station and stopped for 30 seconds to stretch which was an awful idea because when you stop after running for 22 miles straight your body is like. . . okay, this was fun, I’m done. It took pretty much everything I had and then about 2 blocks but I started running again and hit the 23 mile marker and realized that this isn’t so bad and I only had 3 miles to go. After that it was smooth sailing (well the kind of smooth sailing when you feel like a 200 year old crippled man).

After I passed Mile 25 I saw my family and my dad cheering for me and then after that you really don’t remember anything between Michigan and 13th and the end when you cross the finish line and they start pushing you through the finishers chute.

Here’s my time (check out those splits). . .


Here’s a tip to anyone who is going to run a marathon. When they hand you a beer at the end, take it and then take another one (or 3 in my case). It helps. . .a lot.

Post marathon with beer

The trek back to meeting your friends and family is always the worst because you have to weave through all of the other runners but your legs and brain cannot communicate so when you try to stop walking. . .there’s a pretty good chance it won’t happen. But then I got to see my dad aka by biggest fan and we took photos on the street corner like normal families do. . .

Dad and I after

And this one. . .

Shelby, dad and I post marathon


And then this one (aren’t they cute?). . .

Dad, Uncle Joe and I after

And then as if there weren’t enough sweaty photos of my on the internet, here’s one more (wishing I had another beer). . .

Post Marathon

Steve and I once we finally made it back across Michigan and upstairs. . .

Steve and I after

Then after you pose for pictures and celebrate and everyone goes home, things start to get real. This is what recovery looks like. . .

Hot tub

Also, if anyone is wondering if their Apple headphones can withstand 20 minutes in a hot tub, the answer is yes. This year at least I wasn’t too sore to take my shoes and shirt off, so while it doesn’t look like it here. . I am winning.

Remember how lucky I was to be at Steve’s condo before the race? Well after the race it’s a whole different story because once you get in, you can’t cross back across Michigan until the race is over and surprisingly, I wasn’t the last runner so after I got back, drowned myself in the hot tub and showered, we still had to wait 30 more minutes and a nap until I could do this. . .


Big thank you to all of my family, friends (especially Steve) and co-workers who cheered, texted, called, donated and put up with me for the last few months! I’m not going to lie and say I couldn’t do it without you but it definitely would have sucked ;)

Monday we had off for Columbus day (phew) so Deanne and I went to breakfast in Old Town. . .

Deanne breakfast

And then we went over to Fleet Feet to get our medals engraved like the winners we are. . .

Medal engraving


And this is what happens when you run a marathon and then work from home. . .


In college I had a roommate (now one of my best friends) that used to write on her calendar “try to run” and then she would put on her workout clothes, go out the side door (we lived on a corner) and then run around the house and back into the front door and call it a day. I channeled my inner Katie and set my alarm for the next morning thinking I would see how I felt and maybe run. . . spoiler alert. . . I went back to bed.

try to run

Here we are at work standing. . . and also wearing the same shirts as we were on Monday (typical). . .

Deanne and I Tuesday

These are stairs (very creepy stairs in my building). . . and Wednesday I went down them without crying. So I guess it’s time to start running again (thankfully for everyone around me). I decided I’d go for a run after work but instead I went to Scooters for the first time and it was awesome.


So Thursday night Deanne and I went to Chick’s Night at Fleet Feet and did. . drum roll please. .  2 miles. It sounds pathetic because we just ran a marathon but Hal Higdon says to run 2 miles so it was good enough for me. Then we did something that I strongly encourage you not to do. .  we went grocery shopping when we were starving and my basket looked like this (the pear is just for show). . .


This weekend is the first in a really long time when I won’t be traveling for work, a wedding, celebrating a birthday or running a zillion miles at 6am so I plan on hanging out with my favorite brother (okay my only brother) who is home for the weekend, getting a massage (thanks Bev!), seeing Gone Girl, going to a pumpkin patch (aka donuts and  apple cider) and haunted house and then tailgating because now instead of destroying my joints I can go back to destroying my liver!

As far as running goes, I plan on doing the Thanksgiving Pie run in my hometown like we do every year and aside from that, just running for fun during normal hours. I am volunteering at the Pumpkin race on the 25th so you should sign up because I am an awesome cheerer!

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Marathon Week

I’m sick, which stinks for me (because of the whole marathon thing in 4 days) but I think my co-workers are secretly (or not so secretly) happy that they don’t have to hear me since it hurts to talk.

Anyways the last couple weeks have been super busy (I’ll stop saying that November 23rd. . . or when I’m dead) but here’s a quick recap.

My marathon packet came in the mail and reminded me that I actually paid to wake up early and run 26.2 miles. . .


I got older (see packet above) and celebrated a lot with friends and wine and cake (duh) . . .



I cried at least 3 times at work because the new server hates me and doesn’t care that it’s event season. Thankfully I have the best co-workers and friends who send things like this. . .

Jess candy

and this. . .


Breathe Deep Philly happened and after 18 hours of traveling I finally arrived at 1 am with enough time to drink wine and do arts and crafts. . .


Event day went perfectly though and I’m glad I got to hang out with these goons. . .


Last week I went to LA for one of my best friends weddings. . .

Leanne and I

This happened and surprisingly, neither one of us cried. . .


And while I vacation, marathon training doesn’t, so I squeezed in a few runs and the view wasn’t awful. . .

Run in LA

While my friends at home were enjoying the 40 degree weather I hung out in the pool. . .


And then on the beach. . .


And then Sunday we had to leave these guys. . .

Matt, Leanne, Steve and I last night


Which stinks, but on the bright side I checked my bag AND got it back after the flight. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you but as far as lost luggage goes it’s Me: 1 Airlines: 3 so on Sunday I was winning. . like better than Charlie Sheen winning. And I got to come home to this. . .



Plus, I’m one of those rare, crazy people who love to come home to Chicago, even though the weather sucks 90% of the time.

I have officially hit my 2nd fundraising goal thanks to my wonderful friends, family, co-workers and apparently my stuffed bear Martin who knows how to donate online. . .

unnamed (1)

And it’s marathon week which means yoga, short runs and movie wine night at Samantha’s tonight! Last year she instituted ‘marathon week’ in an attempt to calm me down and prepare me for the race. This year, it’s just another excuse to hang out, drink wine and snuggle up with this guy. . . (ladies, Barksdale is single and you can check him out here).


Speaking of single. . . I finally got my phone battery replaced so it won’t die during the marathon (because I certainly don’t want to listen to my own thoughts for 4 hours). I’ve been putting off going to the Apple store for roughly 5 months. . . okay more like a year but last night I finally schlepped over there and turns out, it’s swarming with cute guys! My only complaint is that Apple should serve wine while you wait. . .although I guess mixing alcohol with technology is probably why half of those people are there anyways. . so maybe that’s not the best idea. But I’ve decided that if I get desperate one day, before I start browsing the Paws website for cats, I’ll dump some water on my phone and head over to Apple and see what happens.

So the rest of the week is busy with Fall event planning and Team LUNGevity marathon prep. Saturday is the expo, shake out run and the last chance to carbo load before I go back to eating like a normal human being!


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Meet #RunChi: Heather Domabyl

Originally posted on Run and Cheer with #RunChi:

You might see us tweet. You might read our blog posts. You might catch us at one of the many Fleet Feet fun runs–or race by us (or vice versa) at the Ravenswood 5K, the Soldier Field 10 or the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon (now The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half Marathon.) But just who are all these #RunChi runners?

Up next in this #RunChi series we introduce you to Heather Domabyl. Here’s her running story.

18 mile training run

How I Started Running
After college I started running to lose weight and absolutely hated it. I struggled through my first half marathon in 2010 due to lack of proper training and preparation. After taking a couple months off, I set my mind to training the right way with the support of family, friends, and a running schedule. I ran the Chicago Half Marathon in 2012, hit my goal time and haven’t stopped running…

View original 289 more words

Fall Begins. . .

With the fall event season in full swing now and the marathon just 25 days away (but seriously, who is counting anyways) life has gotten seriously busy. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on the past couple weeks:

On September 4th I did the Super Bears Shuffle 5K with co-workers and got an awesome time. It started out near Soldier Field and fireworks went off as we ran through this:

bears 1

Here I am at the finish (check out that time) with about 40 gallons of sweat pouring off of me.

bears 2


This guy was in town just in time to join us and beat me.

Bears 5K with Steve

Here is LUNGevity representing before the race started (the after photo wasn’t so pretty).

LUNGevity at Bears 5K

Then Friday night it was pouring, you know, like it keeps doing in Chicago and I swam home from the brown line.

Chicago rain

Since the weather stunk and some of us (okay just me) had to get up early the next day to run 20 miles, we naturally decided to have a wine and game night in. Here I am being the Prettiest Princess (don’t get too excited Grandma, that ring is fake) and as you can tell, game night at our apartment is clearly a formal thing.

Game night


Saturday morning I woke up and ran 20 miles. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and the humidity calmed down for the 3.5 hours it took me to get through my run.

20 Mile run view

This is what you look like after you run 20 miles. . .delirious.

20 mile after

Saturday night (after sleeping and watching football all day) we headed out to Epic to celebrate birthdays and got this view of the city.

View from Epic

Sunday Meghan and I woke up early to meet Deanne at Fleet Feet in Lincoln Square and do the History Run (so fun, you should try it).

History Run

And then we went to Flat Top and ate a ton like this:


and this:

French Toast


oh and this:


As if we didn’t eat enough on Sunday, someone (cough Beverly) brought in cupcakes to work Monday (thankfully I run roughly one billion miles a week).



Then Monday night we did a little LUNGevity bonding at trivia and we won! Thursday we did a girls night at Bottles and Bottega and if you haven’t been, you should definitely try it!

Bottles and Bottega girls night toast

and as we painted we drank wine and ate all of this:

Food Bottles and Bottega

and now we will obviously be quitting our day jobs.

bottles and bottega final

On Friday, Runners World really nailed marketing on the head:

Good joke RW

Saturday I did 12 miles and then went shopping with Meghan where we saw (at several stores) 4 different husbands sitting on the couch waiting as their wives shopped. What are you doing?! It’s the weekend, go home and watch football!

After shopping Meghan got a little insider view into my job (so weird and awesome) when we picked up these bananas for the event on Sunday.


Then we went over to Jeni’s (not for the 3rd time this week) and got these:


As if I didn’t eat enough we went to Frasca Saturday night for dinner and got pizza (eaten before a photo could be taken) and this:

Frasca Brus

and these brussel sprouts covered in parm and bacon that I consider to be my vegetable source:

Fras brusee

and then obviously a cookie skillet because you can’t go to Jeni’s twice in one day right?

Cookie Skillet

Sunday I woke up bright and early because it’s event season! I attended Breathe Deep Lake Arlington and got this little nugget out of bed to help me (sisters are the best, everyone should get one).

10404410_3777149704381_4841853004782347688_n (1)

The event was a success and I am so thankful for Anna and her mom coming to help (best co-workers ever)!


The past couple weeks at our office have been a little hectic to say the least. With fall event season starting, LUNGevity is busy busy but we also had a few glitches with our server that made some of us look like this at 6am.

sad office morning

Spending the morning at the event though makes all of the hard work and frustration worth it when you see everything come together. Also, this is not the worst view for a workday:

LA view

After the event I dropped Charley off and got to hang out with my dad for a little while. He informed me that he will be taking the day off after the marathon because you know, spectating is a tough job.

Last night Meghan and I went to a 30 minute spin class which was just enough to be considered cross training without making me want cry. Then we went to a 30 minute yoga and foam rolling class which was awkward and painful (but definitely worth it the day after). We were tired and sore from work and spinning so by the time we got to the foam rolling part we were delirious and a little disruptive. There is no photographic evidence of this class, probably for the best.

After work today I’m doing my LAST 20 mile run before the marathon– woot! So for anyone who sees me carbo loading in my office all day it’s because I HAVE to. No more waking up super early on the weekends for this girl!

20 miles

and if you haven’t donated to Team LUNGevity yet, here’s your chance!


This weekend I turn 27 (it also happens to be Taco fest in Lakeview which I don’t think is a coincidence) and I thought I would be freaked out about it but so far my life is prettay prettay great. I have an amazing family that loves and supports me and only annoys me about 20% of the time. I have friends that rock and somehow still like me after years of knowing me. I love my job and have the best co-workers and volunteers a girl could ask for. So if this is what 27 looks like. . I’ll take it!

For the next couple months though, this will be my motto:


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So Many Things. . .

With event season (and marathon training) at its peak, things here are crazy busy so this is my attempt to fit everything from the last 6 days into a quick post. Lucky for you that means less talking from me. . .

My roommate Meghan and I ran The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half Marathon last Sunday so Friday we went over to Fleet Feet South Loop to pick up our packets.

10593084_3723658327130_8191497308851633323_nSaturday was carbo loading time and we went to town on this pizza at Spacca Napoli. I was so busy eating that I forgot to take a photo until we were almost done. Verdict: amazing, you should definitely go try it.

pizzzzSunday morning rolled around and we woke up bright and early to chug coffee and eat our oats and then headed over to Grant Park for the start. Did I mention this was Meghan’s FIRST half marathon? Cheers!

coffee pre eventWe lined up with all of the other crazy people who wake up early and pay money to run 13 miles.

Meghand I pre race

We ran the first 4 miles and the beginning of the course through the Mag Mile was great. Then I sped up a little bit and the course was downhill (unfortunately not literally) from there. We followed the lake south until mile 8.5 and then we turned around to head back ending up where we started in Grant Park.
Pros: there were plenty of water stations, Meghan was there and I didn’t die.
Cons: it was hot, spectator scarce and I didn’t die.
Shout out to Deanne, my co-worker, friend and Team LUNGevity cohort who came out to cheer us on! Seeing her at mile 11 was definitely the pick up that I needed!

SignMeghan and I survived and met up at the finisher chute. I finished in 2 hours and 11 minutes which was 11 minutes over my goal time. .  woof. Meghan finished in 2 hours and 20 minutes (I’m so proud)!

Meghand and I post race with medals

Here we are on the step and repeat looking like super stars clearly (the kind that sweat a lot).

post race meghan and i

Overall I’m glad that I did it but next year I plan on going back to the Chicago Half in September, mainly because they hand you a beer when you finish.

Here I am with my dad and sister after the race. My dad has a medal too. . kidding those are keys.

Dad and I after the race

Charley and I after race

After the race I did the dumbest thing possible. . . I showered, changed and went to Oakbrook mall (read: outdoor walking in 90 degree weather) to shop with my sister for her homecoming dress. It was totally worth it though because I got to hang out with this little nugget!

Charley and I shopping
Then we headed over to my aunts where I hydrated with my Uncle Tom’s famous strawberry daiquiris, ate and then totally fell asleep on the couch.

Charley, Dad and I

Monday was a lot of Meghan and I recovering (hello Labor Day) with snacks, SNL reruns and then Trivia Night.

Tuesday I made this because my grandma says that homemade cooking “brings all the boys to the yard”.  Meghan and I looked outside when the pie was finished and the yard was empty. . so naturally we ate it all topped with vanilla and caramel ice cream.

Apple Pie
Wednesday morning I went back to running and marathon training and did 5 miles before work.

Morning run
Then Meghan and I tried out FlyWheel for the first time at their launch party Wednesday night. There are not many things I hate more than spin class so I went into it a little sour. The first 20 minutes or so were rough but then Holidae In (yup, that’s how it’s spelled) came on and my mood instantly changed. Also our teacher had moves like Beyonce and the rest of the class was ‘fun’.


I started my day off at the Bank of America Marathon Charity Operations Meeting and with 37 days to go, I am super pumped! Speaking of Team LUNGevity, shout out to Matt Goode who has raised over $35,000 and oh yeah, is running a marathon!

Tonight after work I am running the Bears Shuffle 5K with co-workers so stay tuned for a fun update.

And that’s all for now!


bears 5k
P.S. Sometime last weekend we had this lox and cream cheese combo. . . couldn’t leave that out of the post.



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Two Years at LUNGevity and Back From Hiatus

Last week marked 2 years for me with LUNGevity Foundation and while Anna and I joke that we have the weirdest job ever (example below: missed call from Potty Queen), I could not have asked for a better job or more amazing co-workers and volunteers to work with! Every day I get to come into work, do what I love with people I genuinely like, oh yeah, and fight lung cancer. So after a month and a half hiatus from blogging, now feels like a good time to come back.

A little recap of the last couple years:

2 years part 22 years part 1
July and August were crazy busy months for me, I said good bye to this guy:


I attended a shower, wedding and a bachelorette party in Denver for two of my best friends:


Kristin wedding


Celebrated 3 family birthdays and sent my FAVORITE brother off to college (I am SO proud of him) as a freshman at University of Illinois in Champaign and of course balled my eyes out when I had to say goodbye. Also, check out those guys hugging, cute right?

Buck and Dad

Me and buck

I’ve volunteered for a few Fleet Feet packet pick ups and races and if you’ve never been on the other side of a race cheering, it is an awesome feeling and I totally recommend it. Here I am with fellow #RunChi member (and best marathon motivator ever) Samantha Kellgren, rocking our safety vests.

Volunteering with Sam

Also, it’s officially event season at LUNGevity which means we are BUSY BUSY here. . in a good way! Check out all of the Fall Breathe Deep Events we have going on across the country! And of course, I’ve been running like crazy training for the marathon in October and the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend on Labor Day. Thankfully I have a roomie that is training too and we can have romantic 5am runs along the lake.

Run with Meghan

This past weekend I pounded out 18 miles in preparation for the Chicago Marathon and Meghan joined me for the first 10 so it wasn’t the worst ever. Don’t let the instagram filter fool you though, I am DRIPPING in sweat and we had to wring our clothes out before coming inside.

18 Miles

And this wouldn’t be a Heather post if it didn’t include food so here’s a picture of one of the breakfasts I had in Denver a couple weeks ago:


Oh, and a pancake flight. .  yep. .  same meal. .


September is coming right around the corner which means the beginning of fall events, a couple 20 mile runs and a lot of enjoying the last bits of summer with friends. And, I turn 27 which I thought would be kind of scary but really, it turns out my life is prettay prettay great so I feel good about it.

Stay tuned for a recap on the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend, and obviously the carbo loading that will be done the night before at this place, spoiler alert: it’s awesome.

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Busy Week

Wednesday morning I woke up earlier than I had planned to and did a little workout in the gym. Yes I posted this photo yesterday but it’s cool enough to post again.

Tuesday view

My plan was to squeeze in my 6 mile run during lunch but when I got in, Anna asked if I wanted to head over to the Taste later so naturally that was my first choice (priorities people). So thankfully for my co-workers (and their noses), I pushed my run back to after work. Around lunch time we hit the Taste and got Chicago style hot dogs (obviously), toasted ravioli, pierogi’s, pad thai, turtle cheesecake and watermelon Italian ice. It’s a shock that we didn’t go into a coma at our desks (so much for the bridesmaid dress diet).

Wednesday Taste of Chicago Tickets

Wednesday Taste of Chicago Food
After work I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a networking group (alone) with some others managing endurance events for non-profits in the area. Then I ordered Lou Malnati’s (photos below) for my roommate and I, snuck in a ‘quick’ 6 mile run, inhaled my dinner and then met up with Steve at the movie in the park. The movie last night was at Lincoln Park near the Chicago History Museum and was. . .hold your gasp. . .my first time seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! The movie was great and so was the wine and company!

Wednesday Lou's pizzaPepperoni and pineapple deep dish

Lous saladDon’t let this ‘salad’ fool you. . there’s definitely bacon in it

Today is my Friday so I have a busy day at work and then tonight I am heading over to the 8K Bastille Day race with my roommate Meghan, Samantha, and a few other girls before heading for a post race dinner at Noodles in the Pot. Tomorrow, I will be starting my day off with a 12 mile long run (yay) and then kicking off the festivities for my friend Kristin’s wedding!

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#RUNCHI Fun Run, New Shoes and Watermelon

Monday I planned on meeting up with the #runchi cheer team (including Samantha) and my roommate Meghan for a fun run at Fleet Feet after work. Pretty much right after I got on the train though I realized I forgot to bring my running shoes with me. So instead of going back home, I decided that it was fate intervening and telling me I should buy a new pair (because nothing makes a crappy day better than new running shoes). After work I headed straight to Fleet Feet and hopped on the treadmill so they could watch me ‘pronate’. Then the guy came out with a few selections and had me try them on. I opted for the latest version of the Brooks Adrenaline and while I wasn’t the craziest about the color at first, they’re starting to grow on me. He also suggested that I go up half a size to leave more room for my toes for long runs and he was right (although that means I now wear a size 10 shoe. . .woof). I think one of the ways you know you’re a ‘real runner’ (or maybe just an adult) is when you choose the right type of shoe for you instead of deciding based on color. There were about 20 other pairs that I liked better and were way cooler than the ones I got but these fit me like a glove!

Monday new shoes

Once I laced up I met with the #runchi cheer team girls and Meghan and we hit the road. Since it was a rest day, Sam and I just did an easy 3 miles and caught up on the latest gossip and Meghan chimed in here and there (she has an injury so is getting back in the game). The nice thing about running groups is that you meet new people and it’s easy to just jump in whenever you have time. We all have something in common so I can go for a couple weeks and then if I have to miss a few runs, I can hop back into the group and pick right back up where I left off. We ended back at the store and took some very sweaty photos.

Monday fun run with Meghan

Monday fun run with Samantha

Yesterday after work I went straight to packet pick-up for the Bastille 8K that Samantha, Meghan and a few other girls are doing together and grabbed mine and Meghan’s swag. Then I went on a quick 3 mile run sans phone and music to clear my head before getting some errands done.

Tuesday Bastille shirt pickup

This morning I woke up earlier than I had planned so I did a ‘weight’ workout in the gym. I use ‘ ‘ around the word weight because I don’t think I’ve ever lifted a dumbbell heavier than 5 pounds before. The view was great though so no complaints here.

Tuesday view

My plan was to squeeze in my 6 miles during lunch because Deanne and I are going to a charity orientation after work but the opportunity to go to the Taste arose so obviously I choose food over running. My run will have to wait until tonight!

P.S. I’m only $300 away from my fundraising goal AND cut watermelon is buy one get one free at Jewel today so basically I won the lottery this morning and I may or may not have already eaten one of these. . .  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday watermelon

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July 4th Weekend

This weekend started off with a little events welcome lunch!  Anna, Beverly and I headed over to Vapiano for lunch on Thursday to chat about Beverly’s first week here, discuss the ins and outs of events and to carbo load for the weekend!

Thursday lunch with Bev

Then after work I met up with my roommates to kick off the holiday weekend with drinks! Also my sister stopped by with her pup Max and all the girls drooled over him (okay he did most of the drooling).

Thursday drinks

Friday morning started off with my 11 mile long run. Typically my long runs are saved for Saturdays but since it was a holiday weekend, I thought I’d get it done and out of the way!

Friday 11 mile run
Overall the long run went great! The heat felt nice, the paths weren’t packed yet and there wasn’t really a time that I felt like it was tough (okay the next day soreness maybe). The only downside was running past the grilling near Castaways because people were out ready to celebrate with BBQ first thing in the morning! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I like more than a good hot dog but after running 7 miles at the time, the smell of the grill made my stomach turn.

After I was done, I met up with my roommate Meghan at Great American Bagel (where I end all of my long runs). I had a whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese and a whole slew of liquids including water, OJ and a coffee IV. We ate up, went back to the apartment and then spent part of the day at the beach with Katie.

Friday beach
After the beach I schlepped home, showered, changed and made these and then cut up strawberries for a fruit dip that was wildly popular!

Friday cupcakes

The 4th of July party at Jacobs had an amazing view and pretty good company (kidding). The apartment was on Lincoln Park West and you could see most of the city and then into the suburbs. We played Cards Against Humanity, snacked, grilled and waited for the fireworks.

Friday friends

We had all planned on looking towards the lake front for the firework show but the view towards the suburbs was amazing! You could see the shows from all of the surrounding suburbs going off at once and in the words of a child nearby “there are thousands of them and they are BEAUTIFUL”. Some photos of the view (oh and Steve):

Friday view

Friday  view 2

Friday  view 3

Friday steve and i 2

Saturday my cousins, aunts and I surprised my grandma for her birthday and we hit the spa:

Saturday spa
Isn’t she so cute:

grandma spa

Then we all went to see the movie Jersey Boys (so good) and here you can see where I get my appetite from:

Saturday grandma food

And then we finished off the afternoon with lunch and dessert:

Saturday happy birthday Grandma

Sunday morning Steve and I went to The Gold Coast and Streeterville Historical fun run hosted by Fleet Feet. If you’ve never been it is definitely something worth checking out. In terms of a workout, you really don’t run more than a few blocks at a time, but Chuck the guide is awesome and the tour overall was great! Here is a map of all the locations we hit:

Map from history run

Here we are at the beginning of the tour huddling up around Chuck:

Old town history run 1

And then Steve and I in front of the Newberry Library:

Old town history fun run Steve and I
So it’s Monday now and it’s a 4 day (but super busy) week for me so I’m starting it off right with some delicious oatmeal with banana:

Monday oatmeal breakfast

P.S. Thank you to my dad who donated to my page this weekend bringing me closer to my goal of $2000! Only 3 months and $300 to go until Marathon time!

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